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Drinking age in Cozumel

The legal drinking age in Cozumel is 18. You could find bartenders who serve to younger ages, though. The enforcement of the laws is very lax and lenient. You might be able to get into a bar if you’re younger, as long as you look the age, and you don’t cause any problems, so don’t cause a problem. If you’re thinking of skirting the law, be prepared to spend a night in a Mexican jail. That could be really horrendous. Be certain that you don’t go out drinking alone there either. It is never safe to drink alone in a foreign country without any protection.

Cozumel is a known party destination in Mexico, and if you go there when you’re not old enough to drink, you might really regret the experience. If you’re unable to go there, except with your parents when you’re under 18, then you will not enjoy all the great parties and drinking there is. On the other hand, you can always get a lay of the land, get to know the experience, and then return back there when you turn 18. It’s a wonderfully scenic spot as well.

What’s so complicated about the situation around the world with regards to drinking ages is that it’s different in every country you go to. That means that you’re going to have to look it up in a travel guide when you are thinking about taking a world tour. You don’t want to go to places around the world where you can’t drink. That would take away a lot of the fun of traveling. What complicates it more is that there are different purchase and drinking ages around the world. You might see one drinking and purchase age in one country, and in another country, there is a different drinking and purchase age. Oftentimes, the age for public possession and purchase is different than the drinking age. Sometimes, there is a different age for drinking beer and wine and another age for drinking liquor.

When you go downtown, bottled liquor prices don’t vary that much. You might pay a little more at the tourist traps. However, you won’t pay nearly as much at the local grocery stores. Bars hardly ever monitor people for public drunkenness, so be sure to take a lot of care when you’re walking or driving as the night wears on.

There are a lot of great places to have a drink while you’re there. It was mentioned before that their party scene was extraordinary. You might want to wait until you’re 18 to go there because it’s just so amazing. Try out the No Name Cigar Bar, Reef Bar, Wet Wendy’s, Tony Rome’s, and Pancho’s Backyard. A lot of these bars have food too, and there are always interesting things to see at these kinds of places, like perhaps water fountains or tropically paradisiacal plants.




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