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Drinking age in Cuba

All the different countries of the world have different drinking ages, and there are some countries that have drinking ages of 21, while others have drinking ages of 18, or even lower, like at 16. All the different countries of the world have different kinds of preferences and attitudes toward alcohol, and that gets reflected in their laws. Some countries have different ages for the drinking and purchasing ages. Other countries don’t have any particular ages for the drinking age. However, they might have an age for the purchasing age.

Most countries make distinctions between the consumption, purchasing, and drinking age. It’s only rare that in the U.S. that there is one high public possession and purchase age, and that some states forbid drinking by underaged under all different circumstances. There are a number of different rules governing underage drinking in some countries and states, like drinking with a parent’s permission, drinking for religious sacraments, and drinking for different medical reasons. There are a whole lot of different ideas about drinking all around the world, and it’s not unusual to see that the laws are wildly different governing it. There are all sorts of religions, people groups, and tribes all over the world.

There is no legal drinking age in Cuba. There is a legal alcohol purchase age of 18. If you’re a tourist at a resort in Cuba, then they will probably serve you alcohol as long as you’re with your parents. They have a very lenient and liberal attitude as long as you are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Even if the staff at the resort says no, there are usually three or four bars on the premises where you can tip the bartender a couple bucks, and he’ll be sure to keep the drinks coming your way. However, don’t get too relaxed with the legal drinking age there, because it will still probably be higher when you return to your home country, especially if it’s in America, but not if it’s in Europe.

Everyone knows that Cubans have some of the best cigars, but they also have some of the best drinks. They infuse their drinks with natural offerings from the plant kingdom, and their drinks are spicy and fruity sometimes. They’re simply delightful and wonderful. If you ever get a chance to sit outside with a nice Cuban breeze and a nice Cuban drink, then you’re in for a treat. It’s much better than drinking in some dingy, cramped, old, American bar with a bunch of old, smoking, tired men around your area. It’s much better to drink in the presence of beautiful women in Cuba when you’re getting served out on the beach by a great bartender who knows how to serve up your favorite tropical drinks. There are a lot of bars in Cuba, but some of the best ones to go to are those that are out on the beach, where the bartenders have a lot of experience in pleasing the palates and preferences of the tourists.




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