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Drinking Age in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean, off the shores of Turkey, Greece, Syria and Lebanon. It has an ancient history, resplendent with alcohol, and the minimum legal drinking age is only 17 years. There has been much done in recent to decrease the amount of alcohol consumed on the island and to make sure that people are safe if they do choose to imbibe.

Specialty Drinks of Cyprus

The only place in the world that produces the drink Zivania, made from distilled grapes, is Cyprus. It’s production completely unique to the island. Many countries have tried to replicate the flavor and strength, but failed. Eventually the EU declared that no other country can attempt to make it or to label any other drink as Zivania. When you get a chance to visit Cyprus, it would be a shame to not have at least one shot of it, and be able to tell tales of drinking it where it was made.

Brandy Sour is a mixture of brandy, bitters, lemon, and a splash of lemonade or soda water over ice. It is very popular and drank as you would have ice tea, a way to cool down a hot day. If you visit a local home in Cyprus, you are likely to be offered a brandy sour as you sit and socialize.

There are three breweries on Cyprus, including the international award-winning Keo. It is only made on the island and is served in every pub, restaurant and hotel. You will also find offerings from other countries, including the Turkish Efes.

There are a number of wines produced in Cyprus since the times of the Egyptian pharaohs. With over 200 wines produced on the island a trip to the annual wine festival is the best way to taste the most different varities.

While not produced in Cyprus, the Turkish Raki and Greek Ouzo are the shots of choice on the island. Both have an anise flavor and will turn milky over ice or if water is added.

Recent Concerns

In the last few years, the Cyprus government has become increasingly concerned at that amount of young drinkers, especially young drinkers who drive. New laws are being considered that will punish anyone who sells alcohol to anyone underage; it has always been that only the drinker gets in trouble. The allowable blood alcohol content is being lowered and there are going to be random Breathalyzer test given on the roads. Penalties are going to be more severe for drunk driving and public intoxication.

They are also trying to implement safety measures in the drinking establishments. There will be places available to lie down and wait for the alcohol to leave your system instead of trying to get home. They are also trying to institute public transportation to keep people from driving after they have been drinking.

A trip to Cyprus is definitely in order if you are going to the Mediterranean. Be sure to try some wine made there and do not forget about the Zivania.




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