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Drinking age in Czech Republic

All countries have different drinking ages, and there are several countries that have made the legal drinking age 18. In fact, that’s the main drinking age all over the world. It’s a little bit weirder to see it at 16, or to see it much older at 21. It’s only in the U.S., and a handful of other countries, that the drinking age is 21 or sometimes it’s even higher. Some of the Middle Eastern countries don’t even allow alcohol for any reason. Some countries don’t allow drinking for the Muslim populations. All countries are different, and there is no global drinking age or Prohibition on alcohol sales, like there are for drugs, at the United Nations. There have been some countries that have tried to ban alcohol sales entirely throughout their history, but most countries now allow alcohol consumption for people of certain ages, and in certain designated locations, or in the home. A number of countries have had different legal drinking ages over the courses of their histories, and it’s normal to see ups and downs in the legal drinking ages, when you look over the countries’ histories.

The legal drinking age in the Czech Republic is 18. Selling alcohol to minors is against the law, but consumption is not against the law. Even though the official drinking age is 18, a lot of pubs are pretty lenient about letting people inside. One resident of London said that they checked him very often in London when he tried to go to a bar, but they check him very rarely, if at all, when he was trying to go into bars in Prague. That same frequent traveler said that if you just stay in Prague, you won’t have many problems with getting checked for your ID when you’re going into pubs. One of the biggest tourist cities for drinking is Prague, and they rarely check for IDs when you try to go into pubs. That’s a win-win for many tourists in Prague. The bars win because they get more customers. The tourists win because they get to drink at a younger age. However, that being said, it’s not good to drink unless you’re the legal age.

The Czech Republic has become a huge tourist destination in the last decade or so, although it was not so much before that. Some places go through cycles where they’re popular as tourist destinations sometimes, and dangerous spots on the world scene at other times. Now is a great time go to the Czech Republic, and there are some amazing tourist deals available at the moment. It’s one of the best places to see on your trek through Europe, and you should definitely consider going there if you’re traveling to Europe soon. They have some of the best beer in the world, and it’s economically priced too. The Czech Republic, outside of Amsterdam, is one of the top party spots in Europe, especially for college-age youth.




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