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Drinking age in Denmark

The legal drinking age is 18 to be served at discos, bars, and other places. To purchase alcohol that’s above 1.2% alcohol and underneath 16.5% alcohol content, you have to be 16 years old. To get served alcohol at public places, like discos, restaurants, bars, and the like, you do have to be 18. For alcohol that’s over 16.5% alcohol content, the age is 18 years old. There’s no legal drinking age. There’s just a legal purchase age.

An adult can purchase alcohol for a child. In Denmark’s cultural tradition, minors are allowed to drink alcohol privately after their confirmation. If a bar or shop sells alcohol to a minor, and they didn’t ask for ID, they can be fined. There’s a national ID card that you can get, and you can obtain it a local town hall, and that can work as age verification. The card is not really used that much though because a moped license or passport will often be used instead. Denmark was rated the world’s happiest countries, and the lowered drinking age may have something to do with it. They’re a very liberal and tolerant country. They allow a lot of stuff there.

The quality of life in Denmark is astounding, and if you’re thinking about going there and having a great time on a vacation or trip, then try to go after you reach 18 years of age. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself if you get all the obligations met to drink there before you go because they have some of the finest beer, ale, liquor, and alcohol in the world. This is where alcohol really came from. The finest drinks in the world are found in some of Europe’s hot spots, and there’s nothing like German beer, but there’s also nothing like Denmark ale. It’s just stupendous.

Some of the world’s best beers also come from Denmark. Some of their beers are rated the best in the world. There’s just nothing like the taste of beers from Denmark that are made in better ways compared to American beers, which seem flat and light by comparison. There’s something rich and mealy about some Denmark beers. Why go there when you’re not yet 18 and ruin the experience and not be able to enjoy the full gamut of what Denmark has to offer in terms of their beers? You’d just be missing out on what’s possible with Denmark, and even if you went alone without any money, and stayed at a hostel, that’s not really good enough. You need to go there with some real dough and try out some of the finest pubs and beers you can find there. Go there when you’re 19, and it will be an experience that you’ll never forget. You’ll probably never want to go home, back to America’s harsh drinking ages and stale beer. If you’re going to visit there, take stock of everywhere you’ve visited, and really get to enjoy the experience to the max. Return there in later years. You’ll always remember your first experience there. Being able to drink for the first time in a foreign country is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.




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