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Drinking age in Ecuador

All countries have wildly different drinking ages, policies, laws, regulations, and stipulations. However, the drinking ages usually range from 16 to 21. Some countries don’t even have drinking ages. However, they do have ages for the purchase of alcohol. Like, in America, for example, there is no legal drinking age, but there is an official public possession and purchase age. This is kind of a sensible policy because sometimes parents will let their teenagers drink in the home, but those same teenagers aren’t out purchasing alcohol and driving.

The laws pertaining to legal drinking age in a country usually make sense for that country and its people. In Belgium, for example, there is a legal drinking age for beer and wine of 16, but that country has more mature teenagers, and they don’t get into as many drunk driving accidents, and drinking has always been a part of their culture. There is a lot of drinking at meals, and there is not the crazy binge-drinking culture like there is in the United States. Different countries set their own standards regarding the legal drinking age because they’re best able to determine how their citizenry will behave toward it all.

The legal drinking age in Ecuador, but those laws are rarely, if ever, enforced. It kind of feeds into the stereotype about most Latin American countries that they don’t enforce their drinking ages, which is a bit of a problem. Tourists can go there when they’re under the age of 18, and get into quite a bit of trouble, because they’re not experienced drinking. You do have to show an ID when you go into a disco, in order to get inside, and gain admittance. There are specific liquor stores for hard spirits and beer, and you can also get most drinks at most convenience stores and supermarkets. The culture of drinking in Ecuador is that you drink for any occasion. There is a lot of drinking in Ecuador. It’s not uncommon to see a lot of drunk driving there.

A lot of South American countries have bad reputations for enforcing their countries’ respective drinking laws. It’s not uncommon to see no enforcement, or lax enforcement, for countries’ legal drinking ages. There are attitudes in some countries which forbid drinking entirely, like in Muslim countries. However, in South American countries, there’s a more lenient attitude toward underage alcohol consumption. The culture determines to a large extent what the legal drinking age enforcement is like. In some Muslim countries, there is no alcohol for sale or allowed for consumption, and for some countries with large Muslim populations, it is just forbidden to them to buy it. However, in most South American countries, there is a much laxer attitude toward the consumption of alcohol at an early age. People are taught that it’s a normal part of bonding, growing up, and getting older. People are told that it’s the right thing to do, and there could be nothing more natural. However, not all families in Ecuador share those same values.




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