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Drinking age in Egypt

Each country has its own drinking age, and the minimum legal drinking age in each country is set by the country’s government, based on what the people can handle. It used to be, for instance, that every state in the U.S.A. had a minimum legal drinking age that was the age that the governments of the states saw fit to put it at. However, it changed in 1984, when the National Minimum Legal Drinking Age Act was passed.

That set the legal age for public possession and purchase at 21. There is no set drinking age at the United Nations for all the countries. There are legal minimum drinking ages set by the various countries themselves. Most countries have a legal minimum drinking age of 18, but some countries have a higher legal minimum drinking age of 21, and some countries have a lower minimum legal drinking age like 16. Let’s take a look at the legal minimum drinking age of Egypt to get a good idea for what it’s like to be able to drink there legally. Remember, each country has different minimum legal drinking ages, and they have to be respected whenever you set foot into the country.

The legal drinking age in Egypt is 18 for beer and 21 for wine and spirits. Some anecdotal reports are that people who are under 21 are drinking there. Some of the stories say that if you tip the barman a little more, then he’ll serve you right up, top off your drink, and that it’s well worth it, but it’s more at the disco clubs where it’s like that. Another anecdotal story said that he always goes to Egypt, and he always gets served, but he’s only 19. Since the legal drinking age is 18 for beer, it can be a little confusing hearing all these anecdotal reports of people drinking before they’re 21 years old there. Sometimes, alcohol gets mixed, and it’s hard to tell the difference.

You may see some people drinking liquor before they’re 21, but it’s because it’s common to see people drinking at 18, and sometimes it’s hard to enforce when it’s difficult to tell what kind of alcohol is being drunk. A lot of the hotels and bars find themselves in a lot of trouble if they break the laws though, so in general, it’s just beer for people who are 20 or younger. One guy who said he was Egyptian said that he started to drink hard liquor at the age of 17, and he didn’t have any problems with it. However, during Ramadan, you won’t see any drinks in bars at all. Sometimes, liquor stores are even closed during this religious holiday. Sometimes, the laws are more relaxed for tourists, according to some people who live there currently. Some of the residents there say you can actually bribe people who work there to give you drinks if you’re not quite 18 or 21, depending on what kind of drinks you want, of course.




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