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Drinking age in El Salvador

There are separate drinking ages for countries all over the world. Sometimes, the laws are very complicated, and there are different allowances for alcohol, depending on the occasion and circumstances. Take the United States, for example. There are 50 states, and there are different laws in each of those 50 states pertaining to the legal minimum drinking age. Some states allow drinking with a parent’s consent, and other states don’t allow drinking at all for people who are 21 years old or younger.

There are a lot of different countries around the world that have 16-year-old drinking ages. That is unheard of in the United States. There are some countries that don’t have drinking ages at all. Those countries just have legal purchase ages. That means that there is a legal age for purchase, and public possession sometimes, but not to be able to drink legally. Sometimes, there are different ages with the consumption of beer and wine and different ages for the consumption of hard spirits. These separate drinking ages make it easy for countries to keep the youth in control by limiting just how drunk they can get basically. They prevent them from getting too drunk on hard spirits and then going out and doing stupid things. They at least reduce the likelihood though. There are some countries that don’t have any proscriptions on drinking at any age.

The drinking age in El Salvador is 18. Many South American countries have poor reputations for not enforcing their legal drinking age laws. These countries have different attitudes regarding underage drinking, and they sometimes have these attitudes based upon centuries of cultural conditioning, and it can be hard to enforce the smart laws when the culture is telling you to go in a whole different direction. Some people are taught in South American countries that it’s alright to drink at an early age, and that it’s a form of social bonding, and quite normal. Other countries in Latin America have practices of drinking at parties and cultural events early on. It’s not uncommon to see youth gathered drinking in the streets sometimes.

The policemen sometimes turn their backs and look the other way, because they were youth at one point too. El Salvador is one of many countries in South America with a legal drinking age that’s very low, or at least low by standards in the U.S. However, many states in the U.S. used to have a legal drinking age of 18 before the National Minimum Drinking Age Act. In fact, the minimum legal drinking age in Europe is 18 for the most part. In general, many European countries have very lax attitudes toward drinking at 18 years old. It’s considered a part of the culture, and it’s quite normal to see youth drinking early on, like at 16 or so, and it’s not considered weird, or bad, or wrong, and there are even festivals where people who are 18 years old and older go out drinking all night too.




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