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Drinking age in Finland

Every country in the world has a different drinking age, and there is no general drinking age for all countries, that’s set at the United Nations. There’s no global alcohol ban, and there’s no global Prohibition, like there was a Prohibition in 1919 in America. Alcohol is generally treated in the way that the different nations around the world see fit for their people. That’s why every single country has a different legal minimum drinking age, based on what the country sees fit for their people. There are a number of different countries out there that have drinking ages as high as 21, and there are a lot of countries that have drinking ages as low as 16.

It all depends on what country you’re in, and what their attitude is toward alcohol. You may have a minimum legal drinking age of 21 in the country that you live, but it may be 18 when you go to another foreign country and explore their bars and nightclubs. It can be extremely interesting to walk into a foreign country, to get off the airplane, and be able to order at an airport bar, when before you would have had to wait three years to drink in the U.S., for example. It’s a strange phenomenon that there are different drinking ages all around the world, and it just goes to show you how different the world can be, and how much culture shock can really have an effect, if you let it get to you. It can be incredibly strange to be able to drink at a bar or pub with older men and women, when before you would have been treated like a child if you had tried to drink in America.

Finland has 18 years old as the legal age for purchase and possession of alcohol that is between 1.2-22% ABV. It’s 20 for the purchase and possession of alcohol that’s between 23-80% ABV. It’s 18 years of age in all restaurants, clubs, and bars. All the big supermarkets have started a policy where they ask for the identification if the customer looks under the age of 30. Stores might not sell you sell alcohol if you’re accompanying a minor or acting as someone who purchases for a minor, and they believe that’s the case.

It’s considered a criminal offense to purchase alcohol on behalf of a minor. Police can even search underage folks in public areas and destroy or confiscate the alcoholic beverages they have on them. Some of the incidents are reported to social authorities and legal guardians. The social authorities can get involved with child welfare items. People who are 15 and older can get a fine too. If you give alcohol to a minor in private, and they get drunk, then it is considered a criminal offense, and it is looked at as reprehensible in general, depending on the age and maturity, along with other circumstances too. Finland is one of the best countries in the world to drink in. Their Scandinavian ales are some of the most potent in the world. You shouldn’t visit Finland unless you can try some of them when you’re 18.




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