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Drinking age in Guatemala

Every country has their own drinking, and all countries have their own unique takes and attitudes on what their drinking ages should be. That’s why you’ll see wildly different drinking ages across the various countries. You might see different progressions in the histories of legal minimum drinking ages too. Sometimes, countries have had drinking ages that were higher, and sometimes they’ve had them that were lower. Not all countries have had the same drinking ages for the durations of their modern existences. Some countries have different ages for the drinking ages and the purchase ages. Some countries only have ages for the legal purchase and possession ages, but they have different drinking ages. Some countries have different purchase ages for different types of alcohol, liked different ages for the purchase and possession of beer and wine, but wholly different ages for the possession and purchase of hard liquor and spirits. Such is the case in Belgium, for example. All countries have dramatically different attitudes toward legal drinking ages, and some countries don’t allow drinking at all for any reason. Many of these countries are Muslim, and they prohibit drinking on religious grounds. However, not all countries have such staunch attitudes. Some countries have legal minimum drinking ages of 16 or right around there.

The legal drinking age in Guatemala is 18. Now, that’s just the legal drinking age in the country. It’s hardly ever enforced though. Hard liquor, wine, beer, and just about everything else is sold in certain liquor stores, and it’s also sold in convenience stores and supermarkets as well. There is a very permissive attitude toward drinking in Guatemala. It’s a standard part of the culture. One resident who lives there said that the only place you ever really get asked is at a big grocery store. He also reported that he’d seen people standing at the doors of several bars and clubs, and checking for IDs. He said he also saw someone having a beer at a bar when he was 15 one day too. So, it’s kind of up and down over there. The same resident who lives there said that there are signs everywhere stating the legal drinking age, but then you could see five or so guys standing near a sign chugging down beers. No one really cars there. The cops don’t even enforce the law. However, if you get in a fight, or something like that, then you might be charged with drinking. Another resident who lives there said that the legal drinking age was 18, but that it’s not enforced very much. One person said that there was a draft beer next to the soda fountain at the McDonald’s. It’s very lax and laid back there. There’s not a whole lot of enforcement there. It’s more of a chill place to go hang out and drink for awhile. One resident who lived there said that the drinking age was 18, but that he had been drinking beers there since he was 15.




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