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Drinking age in Hawaii


The drinking age in Hawaii is just like it is in the rest of the United States, 21. Hawaii is not a separate country or nation. It is one of the fifty states of the United States. There are no separate drinking laws for Hawaii that are different from those of the rest of the United States. Even though Hawaii was one of the last states to be added into the union, it doesn’t change the fact that it still has all this same nation’s laws and rules. There are no exceptions for tourists traveling to Hawaii that are under the age of 21, that would allow them to drink at a lower age.

Even though you may think you’re in a relaxing beach environment that’s outside of the norm, something similar to a Caribbean resort or South American tropical paradise, you still have to follow the laws and rules of the United States. Just because the atmosphere and environment feels different, doesn’t mean that the laws are different. The laws are the same all over the United States. There are no separate drinking ages for different states in the United States.

There are a lot of different rules and laws that are selectively enforced, depending on the part of the United States you’re in, and the law you’re talking about. However, laws for underage drinking are strictly enforced in Hawaii. There are hotel bars and restaurant bars you can go to, but you will have to sit at the tables, and you will not be allowed to sit at the actual bar. Depending on whether or not you’re with a parent or not, or an adult guardian, you may be able to drink with their supervision. This is true in most parts of the United States.

Police will put underage drinkers in jail in the state, and they will put people who are rowdy, out-of-line, and uppity into jail if they’re out drinking, hooting, hollering, and fighting. They’ll put anyone in jail for this kind of behavior. However, underage drinkers are more known for this kind of behavior, and it’s kind of a sign that they’re underage if they’re engaging in that kind of behavior.

You can go to some night clubs at 18 years of age when you’re in Hawaii, however, you won’t be able to drink at the bar unless you’re 21 and over. The Hawaiians are very serious about underage drinking, and they don’t let just anyone drink that comes over there as a tourist, just because it’s fun and interesting. It’s not a new world over in Hawaii, even though it feels like one. You’re still subject to the laws and rules of the United States, at least the federal ones. The laws in your home state, versus the laws in Hawaii, could be different, because state laws are always different.

It’s best to wait until you’re 21 to go over there if you really want to party at the nightclubs. Drinking is a part of the fun over there, and if you’re going over there thinking you can party and have a great timed with drinking, then think again if you’re not over 21.

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