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Drinking age in Honduras

All countries have their own drinking ages that they’ve set, and what they believe are right, for their people. Some countries have forbidden drinking altogether, like in many Muslim countries. Other countries have stopped the sale of all alcohol to minors. Some countries only disallow minors from publicly possessing and purchasing alcohol, but they allow them to drink it. Some countries have rules and stipulations that allow people who are 21 and older to drink hard liquor and spirits, but they can be 16 or older to drink beer and wine.

It’s interesting how unique the different public possession, purchase, and drinking ages are in the various countries. There have been times in world history when certain countries have banned the sale of alcohol entirely. There are a number of different factors that go into a country’s drinking age. For example, there are a lot of countries that have banned alcohol to people of a certain age because they don’t believe it’s a good thing for them to be drinking, driving, and getting into accidents. There are a lot of countries that have placed prohibitions on people drinking certain kinds of alcohol because they believe that there is less of a likelihood of them getting into trouble if they aren’t allowed to drink the strongest types of hard liquor and spirits. Some countries just allow 16-year-olds to drink beer and wine, and they forbid all other kinds of alcohol to them.

The legal drinking age in Honduras is 18. There aren’t two different ages for beer and liquor. The drinking age is the same for both. Honduras has definite problems with their drinking water purity though, and this is according to the Department of State. Even alcoholic drinks with ice from an unknown source are considered dangerous. The basic attitude in Honduras about alcohol consumption is one of acceptance, except for some restriction son the occasion and time of drinking. Basically, adolescence is when it’s accepted culturally to drink, and it’s considered a way to interact socially for males. There is also a kind of permissiveness about the results and consequences of excessive alcohol consumption, but there is a distinction made between alcohol abuse and excessive alcohol consumption. However, for adults, there’s hardly a distinction between what constitutes a habitual drinker and an excessive drinker.

The word “alcoholic” is reserved for people who clearly suffer from the disease. There are three basic kinds of alcohol consumption in Honduras. The most frequent one is connected with national, family, and personal celebrations. These are mostly connected to community, traditional, and religious festivities. Birthdays are another reason for people to drink. Drinking is very common in Honduras, for lots of reasons. It is also seen for religious reasons, in the case of the Roman-Catholic tradition in the country. It’s a frequent sight for all sorts of occasions, and that’s why it’s more common to see people under the age of 18 drinking.




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