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Drinking age in Hong Kong

Not all countries have the same drinking ages. They have different drinking ages, and they are all different because the legislatures do what’s right for their people in their countries. All people are different when it comes to drinking, and social drinking and cultural drinking are not the same across all the different nations. Plus, some nations have big problems with drunk driving accidents, and they put prohibitions on drinking at certain ages, for certain people, because they want to limit those drunk driving accidents. Some countries have never had big problems with drunk driving accidents, and they don’t feel that there is a need to prohibit people who are 16 and older from buying alcoholic beverages, at least certain kinds of alcoholic beverages like beer and wine. However, they may have prohibitions on purchasing or publicly possessing certain kinds of alcohol like hard liquor and spirits. It’s only normal that some countries would place prohibitions on certain kinds of alcohol, because some are made more for getting drunk, and others are made more for social events and occasions, like drinking and feasting at meals.

The drinking age in Hong Kong is 18. The alcohol laws of Hong Kong are pretty much standard with all common law jurisdictions, but selling all types of alcohol is a lot more liberal than in areas like Canada. It’s very strict in comparison to China though, and in Macau, where there’s not even a legal drinking age at all. The sale of alcohol is available at most licensed food retailers, clubs, bars, and restaurants. There are no sale hours unless there’s a special situation imposed by the Liquor Licensing Board. However, there are some restrictions if the establishment employs people who are under the age of 18 years of age. No one under the age of 18 can drink any liquor on any premises that are licensed. There are no more age restrictions for liquor consumption in Hong Kong. There isn’t any obligation for retailers to not sell alcohol to people on the basis of their age though. A lot of residents say that the drinking age is rarely enforced. They say that a child can go into a store and say that they’re buying alcohol for their parents, but that’s probably an exaggeration. A lot of residents say that youth drinking is not enforced that much.

Hong Kong is a beautiful place in Asia, and they have some of the finest architecture, shops, and people of anywhere in Asia. It’s a bustling metropolis, and there are people everywhere. There are people serving alcohol and food everywhere, and it would be a shame if you went there before you were 21 and didn’t get to drink any of the fine alcohol. There are lots of local versions of alcoholic beverages that are brewed and sold in Hong Kong that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. Try going up to one of the street vendors and getting some of the best liquor in all of Asia.




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