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Drinking age in Hungary

Every country has a unique drinking age, but it’s not as simple as all that. Some countries have different ages for the public possession, purchase, and drinking ages. Furthermore, it’s more complicated, because some countries have different drinking ages for different kinds of alcohol. There may be one drinking age for beer and wine, and there may be another drinking age for hard liquor and spirits. This seems like a more sensible approach, and a lot of countries do it. However, some countries don’t have a drinking age at all. They just disallow the public possession and purchase of alcohol. If someone has their parents’ permission, and they’re in their own home drinking, they usually don’t have any problems. Even many of the U.S. states have different allowances for people to drink if they’re not 21 or older yet. However, no one, in any of the 50 states, can purchase or publicly possess alcohol, and that’s according to the National Minimum Legal Drinking Age Act of 1984. Hungary is a country that has nuanced laws regarding drinking. They are not nearly as harsh as countries which prohibit all types of alcohol sales, and do so until the person is 21 years of age or older. There are a number of countries that disallow drinking and purchasing for all kinds of alcohol.

The legal drinking age in Hungary is 18. You are allowed to go into bars when you’re 16 though. Alcohol is sold almost everywhere. Only the bars that get a lot of tourists do the carding, really. Most places are generally lax about the carding though. Hungary has some great cities, like Budapest, for nightlife. One person who traveled there frequently said that the the legal drinking age is 18, but that people are rarely carded. Hard alcohol, beer, and wine are sold all over the place, including discount stores, convenience stores, and grocery stores too. There are a couple of neighborhoods in different areas that have stopped alcohol sales at 11 PM for stores that are non-stop, which are the only places to get alcohol at that hour anyway, outside of clubs and bars. This is a law that’s regulated by the district, and not by the city. Bars don’t have any legal closing times, but sometimes they close outside seating when the weather’s too hot or to keep the noise down for other residents. You might even see bars that are open until 5 AM. It’s not uncommon to see people who are drinking alcohol on public transport in late evening, but it is illegal if you do you get pinched. Drinking on the street is not allowed either, but it’s mostly ignored, unless someone is causing a big disturbance. It’s not a good idea to carry open containers in your car. Don’t ever get in your car and go drinking and driving. There is a zero-tolerance policy for drunk drivers, and it’s very much enforced when you get do get stopped.




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