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Drinking age in India

The drinking age is different in different states in India. It varies widely. It used to vary widely in the United States too, but the federal government put a moratorium on people drinking under the age of 21 through a circuitous route by threatening to withhold 10% of highway construction funds to states that didn’t raise the drinking age to 21. India has different laws for different states.

For example, some states have 21, others have 25, others have 18, and in yet others, it’s illegal. For example, in Gujarat, Lakshadweep, Mizoram, and Nagaland it’s illegal. If you look at Maharashtra, the drinking age is 30 in the Wardha district. In that same state, there is no limit on wine, 21 on beer, and 25 for other.

In Mizoram, the consumption, sale, and manufacture of wine from grapes is permitted. Wine that’s manufactured there can’t be transported out.

It’s pretty stringent in India, in some places, because 25 is a late age to allow people to start drinking. However, in other states, it’s as low as 18. There can’t be a negative attitude toward the people of India just because some of their states have a drinking age of 25. Other states they have, have a drinking age of 18. There is a wide variance, and there are widely differing attitudes in the state. India is a big place. It sounds like just one place, but there are a billion people there, and there are several different states.

There are some pretty strange laws in India. There’s the Punjab Excise Act, for example. It extends to the state of Haryana. It stops establishments from having women employed on any premises where they serve liquor or intoxicating drugs that are consumed by the public.

In Delhi, India, which is a big city, the drinking age is 25, and that’s still pretty steep. No one likes to wait until they’re 25 to drink. There are continual talks about bringing it down though. Goa is a party state in India, and it has the lowest drinking age at 18, and Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh also share it. It’s about 21 years old generally in other states. However, most places aren’t that rigid about carrying out the laws though. Gujurat is considered a “dry state”, and alcohol is outlawed unless you have a permit.

Most cities in India have kind of limited nightlife because there are curfews in place for when it ends. Teenagers traveling there should not feel too bad that they can’t drink until the older ages because it’s not really the best party destination. However, Goa is a good place to go and visit if you’re 18 and want to have a great time. It’s a true party destination. However, even in Goa, most places have to close by 10 PM. It’s a tough thing to have such a limited nightlife, but perhaps people should go to more exciting states, as far as nightlife, if they want to really get plastered and have a great time.




  1. Rohit says:

    The whole idea of 25 as the legal drinking age is pretty lame if you ask me. And now the government of Karnataka has increased the legal drinking age from 18 to 21. India truly is not a party place(Except Goa) and the government is to blame. For example, in the city of Bangalore(Capital of Karnataka), before the elections, one of the political parties promised to raise the curfew of parties,gigs,etc. in Bangalore..and after they won the elections, they reduced the curfew by one hour. Bunch of hypocrites.

  2. kar says:

    I dont see the legal age being a problem here..Right now, at this moment , in one of the restaurants in bangalore,I see a bunch of college kids (they are hardly 18 I guess) gulping down beer etc etc like its no mans money..imposing age limits is not enough.. but it also has to be made sure that restaurants serving alcohol follow the procedure..I inquired the staff here if they have verified the age of these kids drinking here, and he said that have verified and they are all 18 and above but not 21 and above. .there should be more awarness than just imposing restrictions. I personally hate to see a set of college kids wasting their time spending their parents hard earned money on alcohol.

  3. cat says:

    i don’t see the legal age here like what is it?


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