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Drinking age in Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country, but they do have a pretty high drinking age, and it’s one of a few countries that have such a high drinking age. Some countries have very low drinking ages, of like 16 years old or older, and other countries are more strict in their national minimum legal drinking ages. The United States, and a handful of other Muslim countries, are some of the only ones with drinking ages as high as 21. Most countries have drinking ages of 18 or so, and they sometimes even have allowances to drink if you’re 16 or older, as long as you’re just drinking beer or wine, or you’re with your parents. There are a number of countries that forbid drinking entirely, and they may have mandatory military service. Luckily, you don’t live in one of those countries. There are some Muslim countries which completely outlaw alcohol. There are some countries which have large Muslim populations that outlaw sales of alcohol to just those populations. Most of the countries in Europe have drinking ages of 18 or so, and some of them are even as low as 16. They have much different attitudes toward drinking than the Muslim countries do. They are a lot more lenient in how they treat people who drink alcohol, and they are much more lenient in the age that they allow people to drink alcohol too. There are a lot of countries which don’t even allow hard liquor sales until a person is 21, and that even includes some European countries. Hard liquor is generally viewed differently than beer and wine when making laws related to the national minimum legal drinking age.

The drinking age in Indonesia is 21. Someone said that the people there don’t really respect the law. Basically, in Indonesia, someone is considered an adult if they’re 17 years old or older. One resident said that, for all intents and purposes, Indonesia doesn’t even have a drinking age. He also said that no one even knows what the legal age is, but it’s pretty much puberty. A resident who lived there said that there was no legal drinking age in Indonesia so that if you go to a cafe or disco, they don’t even ask you for your ID. The resident also said that if you’re a parent, and you order your child a drink, that he can drink it. Palau, Indonesia, and the United States of America all have drinking ages of 21, and it probably comes from their religious demographics, which are overwhelmingly Christian or Muslim. Drinking is banned entirely in some Muslim countries. There are some that say the drinking age is lower in Jakarta, which is only at 18. The U.S. has one of the highest drinking ages in the world, as does Indonesia and other Muslim countries, like Egypt. Alcohol is treated in different ways in countries with strong religious backgrounds.




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