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Drinking Age in Iraq

Although the majority of Iraqi nationals are Muslim, many are not overly religious and there are some who are not Muslim at all. It is for this reason that alcohol is not illegal in the country as it is in other Islamic places. There are restrictions on drinking in public and the minimum age for drinking is 18 years old. In addition, drunk driving is taken seriously and the punishments are severe.

Availability of Alcohol in Iraq

There are shops that sell all kinds of alcoholic drinks in Iraq, although at times the selection is limited to some not so good wines and Turkish beer. There are still problems with the militia bombing and raiding places that have liquor for sale as it is prohibited in the Quran. The government allows alcohol but it creates a volatile disagreement with the Muslim community.

Some cafes and restaurants have alcoholic offerings on the menu, but it is often limited as to what could be bought at the shop that day or week. When you drink in a place that has alcohol available, be sure you are completely sober before leaving the establishment and going home. Public intoxication is a serious offense and can land you in jail.

The easiest way to obtain and enjoy drinking in Iraq is to buy it to drink at home. You can import it or get it from the local shops. Have the party at home and make sure any guests are going to be spending the night. Do not let the party move to outside or you can face trouble with the police or militia.

It is also possible to find someone who makes wine or liquor and buy it from them. There is no law prohibiting the making of it, so it is not going to be a problem for you to buy it this way. You will want to be careful though, it is not regulated so you never know what you will be getting. One batch may be very weak and you can drink it almost like water and the next batch will knock you for a loop with only a glass or two. Any time you open a new bottle, take a small drink and wait to see how you respond to it before having more.

Traveling with Alcohol

If you are going to be traveling outside of Iraq, it is important to note that you cannot cross the border into Kuwait or Saudi Arabia with alcohol. It is strictly forbidden in these countries and you could be arrested as soon as you enter. Jordan, Syria and Turkey have a minimum drinking age of 18 but Turkey is trying to put restrictions on consumption so be careful where you are drinking. Iran does not have a minimum age but it is prohibited for Muslims. If you are not religious, you may drink in moderation.

It is important to know and understand the legal issues that go with drinking alcohol in any county you are visiting or plan on visiting. The countries of Islam have many customs and laws that prohibit alcohol entirely, be sure you know what the laws are before you get to the borders or you may not be leaving when you thought you would.






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