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Drinking age in Jordan

The drinking age in Jordan is 18. In some places, it’s a little lower at 16. It’s unusual that there is legal drinking in Jordan, because it’s a majority Muslim country. However, it’s really pretty Westernized, and there is a lot of influence there. Their are some friendly attitudes towards Westerners in the country.

Jordan is one of the most visited and pleasant countries in the Middle East, and alcohol is by no means outlawed there, like it is in some Middle Eastern countries. However, because of the predominant Islamic religion, many Jordanians do not culturally drink alcohol, and alcohol abuse is looked at as disgusting and shameful. There is a civility and propriety in the Jordanian people that prohibits that.

Even though alcohol is available throughout the country legally, there is no drug use allowed whatsoever, and drug use can send you off to jail. They also have a really potent beer there called “Petra Beer”, so if you’re longing for dugs, try that instead.

Every country around the world sets its own drinking age. Unlike in the United States with Prohibition, where every state had to have alcohol outlawed, there is no universal declaration against alcohol at the United Nations. There are a number of countries that have a legal drinking age of 16, some that have no drinking age, some that have a drinking age of 25, and some that have outlawed alcohol entirely. The drinking age in a country is largely cultural, and it’s determined by the legislature. However, there are some countries which have unfair drinking laws that are not in accordance with what their people want. Sometimes, countries are overcome by one particular special interest group, like an anti-drunk driving group, or they listen to the insurance companies, and they prohibit alcohol because of that. What makes things more complicated is that some countries have different drinking and purchase ages. That means that there are a number of countries that make a distinguishing factor the age, when it comes to drinking or purchasing. So, for example, in some countries, there is no drinking age at all, and anyone can drink, as long as they’re not causing a ruckus, but there is a legal purchase age of 18 or so.

Jordan is a beautiful country, and you can try some very exotic and potent kinds of beer if you’re there. Just don’t get too caught up in Jordanian vices. You wouldn’t want to end your trip in Jordan with a trip to the jail.

European countries tend to have a drinking age of 18 or so. It’s unusual to see a Middle Eastern country like Jordan have such a low drinking age. On the other hand, it is a pretty Westernized country, and they have a lot of cultural values that are inconsistent with the Middle Eastern countries around them. There are a huge number of Middle Eastern people that don’t agree with the cultural ban on drinking, but you wouldn’t know that from the stereotypes.




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