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Drinking Age in Kuwait

Islamic customs and traditions rule and determine much of the law in Kuwait. As such, alcohol consumption is illegal in the country. The laws regarding this are so strict that you can be imprisoned for making it, bringing it into the country, drinking it or selling it. If you will be traveling there for a short visit, do not enter the country if you have been drinking.

Sharia, the moral and legal codes for Islam, forbids the consumption of alcohol in any form. There is no religious wine or drink that many other religions use symbolically and for celebrations. Muslims have restrictions that come directly from the Quran and the Sunnah.

Respecting the Customs

It is important for you to understand that while many countries expect you to respect their traditions while visiting, it is not always going to land you in jail. Kuwait and most other Islamic countries not only expect it, they demand that their religious beliefs be followed by everyone. Should you enter the country under the influence of alcohol, you can be arrested, fined, tossed out of the country or all three. If you really want to visit Kuwait, having anything to do with alcohol will keep you from experiencing the rich traditions and the beautiful architecture.

Bordering Countries

While it is legal to drink alcohol in the bordering country of Iraq, Saudi Arabia is also a country of Islam and prohibits it the same way Kuwait does. When you are going to be going from Iraq into Kuwait, be sure you do not have any alcohol in your baggage, vehicle or on your person. It is also important to make sure you are completely sober before you cross the border. If you are flying in from another country, be sure to leave the alcohol before getting on the plane. Do not even get off the plane with any little bottles you may have had while in flight.

Travel Bans

If you are stopped and arrested for anything involving alcohol in Kuwait, you could be held in the country and have a travel ban put on you that prohibits you from leaving the country until the charges are resolved. If you have a fine for public intoxication or possession of alcohol, a travel ban may be put on you until the fine is paid. Even if you face deportation, you may not leave the country if you have a ban until it is lifted.

The best way to avoid trouble while in Kuwait is to avoid anything to do with alcohol. You can enjoy the country without it and can get in a lot of trouble for it. If you bought some while in Iraq with the intention of taking it back home with you, either ship it before entering Kuwait or find a place to store it until you return from your visit. Having any on you, or drinking any while in the country is just not worth the trouble it can cause you.




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