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Drinking age in Las Vegas

Every teenager on vacation in Las Vegas wants to know what the drinking age is. They also want to know what the gambling age is. Heck, they just want to have a good time. Can you blame them? The age of majority in this country is 18, but the age when you can drink is 21, and that’s the same for all the 50 states. It didn’t used to be that way though. Before 1984, states set up their own drinking laws, and many of them were around 18, which was the age of majority. However, in 1984, a new federal law was passed that said that states would get 10% less in highway construction funds if their drinking ages weren’t raised to 21. That really got the states moving, and they all raised their drinking ages to 21.

The gambling age in Las Vegas is 18 (lottery), but it’s 21 at the casinos. It would be so incredible if teens could drink when they were gambling at 18, but the drinking age discrepancy with the age of majority is out of line, and it’s because of the federal law that Congress passed in 1984, whereas it was 18 in most states prior to that. However, it might not have ever gone down to 18, even if the federal law wasn’t passed, because it was 21 all along, even after the 26th Amendment was passed that made 18 the new age of majority.

Las Vegas residents don’t have as much to gain by the drinking age being lowered to 18, but the tourism industry there would have a ton to gain by letting the drinking age lower to 18, because there are a lot of people from California that come in, and people from around the United States, and it enhances gambling too. It makes it more fun. It lowers inhibitions. People are more free when they’re gambling, and they’re less conscious about spending money, which makes it more enjoyable, as long as they don’t spend their whole bankroll.

Las Vegas residents are very liberal, and they are even trying to change the marijuana laws in the city. However, the drinking age doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Many of the states do want to lower the drinking age though, but there doesn’t seem to be much traction on any of the states’ efforts. Nevada was always a state that had a 21-year-old drinking age though.

Las Vegas is a place to party, and it would probably be more of a party destination if people were allowed to drink there, under the age of 21. If people were allowed to drink at 18, it might become the number one party destination in the United States. It was set up as a place to be free of traditional laws on common vices, and gambling is huge there, amongst other things that are not as common in the culture, like prostitution.




  1. Forrest says:

    Wrong u can play lottery at 18 no casinos till 21

  2. Mike says:

    There is no lottery in Nevada, a state where there are casinos everywhere. You have to be 21 to gamble.


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