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Drinking age in Lithuania

Every country around the world has its own drinking age. All countries are different, and some countries don’t have any droning ages at all. You might be flabbergasted that there’s no single drinking age all around the world. However, all countries set their own drinking ages, and that’s the way it’s been for a long time. There are a number of countries that have really old drinking ages. Some countries have different drinking and purchase ages. There are some countries that forbid alcohol altogether. It’s interesting that there are so many countries, and they each have different drinking ages, although there are, of course, plenty of countries with the same drinking ages too. Some countries have drinking ages of 18. Some countries have drinking ages of 25. Some countries don’t have any drinking ages.

Lithuania is a country with a rich cultural past and history. When you’re traveling in the country, you should respect its drinking laws and take care to mind them. You don’t want to be guilty of not paying attention to the important laws of the country where you’re traveling in. It can be horrendous to get thrown into a jail into a foreign country. You never know what to expect.

There is no legal drinking age in Lithuania, but there is a legal purchase age of 18. It is not unusual for countries to have a legal purchase age of 18, and a lower legal drinking age of 16, or no drinking age at all. Some countries just figure that there needn’t be drinking ages because people, and their parents, can determine when it is best for people to drink. However, a legal purchase age of 18 or so is deemed required because they don’t want people out drinking and driving, or drinking in public. It makes sense to have that distinction between private and public drinking.

Lithuania is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and there are some of the most prettiest women in the world there. Just make sure that you bring a drinking buddy when you go out drinking there.

There are a number of countries where it is generally unsafe to drink if you’re alone. You shouldn’t go out bar-hopping. You also shouldn’t cause disturbances when you’re out.

Lithuania is an idyllic, beautiful, and pastoral country, but there are also some major cities where the party scene is incredible. It’s cool to go there to get a real sense of what it’s like to have a fun time in Europe. There are parties in the United States, but they just don’t measure up to what the parties in Europe are like. Those parties are out of this world, and if you’re ever in the country of Lithuania without being of the legal purchase age, then you’re probably not going to have as fun of a time in the bars, discos, clubs, and nightclubs there.



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  1. Lithuanian says:

    It’s very easy to buy an alcohol in Lithuania even if you are younger than 18 years old. But i can give you one tip if you are not from Lithuania and you are drinking in Lithuania, you should not talk or touch any girl or woman here, you would be surprised how fast you are going to wake up in hospital becouse Lithuanian men respect and protect they’r woman more than anybody in the world and i’m not kiding if you insult woman in Lithuania, in 10 minutes there are going to be like 5 guys with baseball bats waiting you outside If you don’t believe me you can always try for your self. And Lithuanians are one of the best fighters in the world just to make it clear.


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