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Drinking age in London


The legal drinking age in London is the same as it is in the United Kingdom and England, and that is 18. This age applies to the possession and consumption of alcohol. Minors that are 16 to 17 can drink alcoholic beverages with an adult guardian in public places.

Lots of young people are disappointed by the fact that the legal drinking age in the United States is 21, and they want to know that they can at least party and enjoy themselves when they’re traveling with their families overseas, going on school trips, or backpacking around Europe. Luckily, they can in London, because the legal drinking age is 18. You must still show your ID at London clubs, pubs, bars, and restaurants. You are not allowed to drink in public either, so please keep your drinking under control. You should also not consume too much alcohol, and have friends or family members to take care of you. Make sure that you have some transportation back to the hotel, hostel, or residence you’re staying at. Remember, just because there is a lowered drinking age in London, it doesn’t mean you can forego the basic concepts surrounding drinking, and you still have to pay attention to the important parts of responsible drinking lest you encounter related problems.

The United Kingdom, England, and London all have an 18–year-old legal drinking age. In some countries, like Italy, it is even lower at 16, because there is a cultural tradition of having a glass of wine with meals. This tradition is common in the homes of Italian families. It is also passed down to the younger members of the family quite quickly. There is a cultural OK given to underage drinkers in most of Europe. That doesn’t mean that excessive drinking is allowed of minors though.

London is a hotspot of Europe, and it can be amazing to be drinking there as an 18 year old, especially as a tourist, when you’re there for the first time, seeing the world-famous bars and women, and drinking a shot of vodka or tequila every few hours while you’re at partying.

Europe generally has different drinking ages for different countries, and different drinking ages even within those same countries. Sometimes, only fermented beverages like beer and wine can be drunk, and sometimes liquor can be purchased, but not drunk. The laws vary from country to country. For example, in Germany, minors that are 16 years old can drink beer or wine with a meal without their parents going to the restaurant with them. This can be a liberating for a German minor, but they are still not allowed to purchase or drink hard liquor. There are lots of different details to the laws even within each country, and enforcement could be lax too, depending on where you are. There have recently been some crackdowns in different countries to prevent underage alcohol purchases from being so prevalent. Fines are usually levied in Euros against vendors and retailers that don’t pay attention to the drinking laws.




  1. Anonymous says:

    the united states drinking age is ridiculous .

  2. neil wall says:

    16 is the right age for beer/wine and 18 for single malt


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