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Drinking Age in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a country in the middle of Europe with no borders on the sea or ocean. It is ruled by the Grand Duke but is a democracy. Like many European countries, drinking alcohol is considered to be a normal tradition and often done daily. The legal age at which you may purchase or consume alcoholic beverages is only 16.

Finding Alcohol in Luxembourg

If you are having trouble finding alcohol in Luxembourg, you must not understand what it is you are looking for. You can purchase almost any drink of your choice on nearly every street. It is sold in supermarkets, hotels, bars, gas stations, liquor stores and convenience stores. The selection is not limited to just beer or wine unless at a liquor store either, it is all available everywhere.

There are a number of wineries in the country and many breweries. If you are traveling across Europe going on tours of either, a stay in Luxembourg would be appropriate and a good time. The wineries are located north of the Moselle where wine making has been done since Romans occupied the lands. Breweries can be found scattered all over the small country. Hard liquor is not produced in the country but foreign offerings can be easily bought almost anywhere; if you like to drink rum, gin, whiskey or vodka, you will have plenty of choices to choose from. You will most likely find your favorite brand readily available.

If you are invited to a house for a meal, be prepared to be served an alcoholic beverage and to have your teenage child served as well. It is considered bad manners to not at least take the first drink when offered though you do not need to keep drinking all night, one serving is enough. It is not a good idea to bring wine or beer as a host gift unless you are sure of the host’s preferences.

Alcohol Laws

With a minimum legal drinking age of just 16 years, there needs to be laws in place to keep everyone from going around drunk all the time. Being drunk and disorderly in public is a criminal offense that will land you in jail overnight and a hefty fine in the morning. Repeated offenses will earn you longer stays behind bars. Drunk driving is frowned upon and the laws are strictly enforced. You will be arrested for having a blood alcohol content of 0.05 percent.

Luxembourg is a small but proud country. You may be just passing through on your way elsewhere on the continent but should consider at least having a meal and trying either a local wine or beer. Once you leave the country, you will find Luxembourg produced beverages on your travels and will wish you had taken the time to experience a few more of what they have. The prices on alcohol are rather cheap there too so it would be a good idea to buy a few bottles to take with you when you leave the country.





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  1. Tom says:

    During the past few years Luxembourg has also produced some very good vodkas and even whiskeys. But if you should go there you should definitely try out one of the so called “Drëppen” which are basically schnaps but boy oh boy I can tell you they have some fire in them especially the older ones. They are often over 50 % so you should take your time when drinking. When it comes to beer, I recommend choosing either “Diekirch” or “Simon Pils” in case you want to try out some Luxembourgish beers. Luxembourg is also famous for its white wines so definitely check out some of those. I don’t agree that bringing wine as a gift is a bad idea, at least I’ve never seen a Luxembourger complain about receiving a bottle of wine as a gift. If you do it however, don’t bring the cheap bottle you found at the petrol station, most Luxembourgish people know their wines and will not be very happy if you try to gift them bad wine. Like my godfather always tells me: “Life is too short to drink bad wine!”


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