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Drinking age in Maine

The state of Maine allows for the consumption of alcohol on private, non alcohol-selling premises, with parental consent. There was no known drinking age in Maine before Prohibition. The data is scant and empty on it. The legal drinking age after Prohibition was 21. It was lowered to 20 in 1969, again lowered to 18 in 1972, and raised to 20 in 1977. It was raised to 21 in 1985. It is currently 21, and that looks like the age it is going to remain at, unless the National Minimum Drinking Age Act is overturned.

However, that doesn’t look likely. It looks more like the various states are going to have to overturn the law one-by-one. Similar to the way that many national laws have been overturned with state ballot initiatives, it looks like the different states are going to have to overturn the law one at a time. It’s not a very elegant approach, but it may be the only way that the ball can get moving on the national minimum drinking age. If enough states change the state drinking age, then the government might take notice and change the drinking age at the national level.

Similar to what happened with Prohibition on the national level, there are a lot of states that just don’t want the federal government to tell them what their drinking age can be. There are movements in several states to get the drinking age back down to 18, or even lower, and it would be equal to what other countries have. Most of the European countries, for example, have a lowered drinking age of 18, and it’s 16 in Belgium. There are also various ages for the purchase and consumption, and beer and wine are sold to people of a certain age, and liquor is sold to people of a higher age, usually. That’s just the way that it goes. It makes more sense in those countries to have different drinking ages because alcohol is a significant part of their culture over there. It’s a very important element of food and camaraderie, and it’s not treated the same way as it is in the United States.

Still, there are other reasons for lowering the drinking age in the United States. One of those reasons is that it’s very important that people be allowed to drink at the same age that they can vote, go to war, and appear in adult films too. It’s not normal for people to be able to do so many of those interesting things, and not be able to drink too. If someone’s awesome enough to be able to go to war and die for their country, then their country should give them the right to drink at the age of 18 years old. That’s definitely how it should go in the country, but that’s not the way that it always do pan out, and the drunk driving fatalities in this country were enough to deter the federal government from letting the states determine their own drinking age. It was enough to make them interfere.



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  1. Edward D Church says:

    here in Canada its 18 the drinking age.


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