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Drinking age in Malaysia

All countries have different drinking ages, and these ages have been set by the governments of the various countries, in accordance with what they think is best for their countrymen. There aren’t laws for people in Europe that are better applied to people in Muslim countries. There aren’t laws for Muslim countries that are better applied to European people. Let’s take a look at how all this works out, and help illustrate it.

Many of the Muslim countries have total proscriptions on alcohol public possession, purchase, and consumption. That’s because the various Muslim countries have laws against drinking in general, according to their religious holy books. Many of the European countries, however, have no such hang-ups. Well, then why are the legal drinking ages in Europe and the United States not the same? There are often more practical reasons for having a higher drinking age, like when there are a lot of drunk driving accidents in a particular country, or when things get too out of hand with young people drinking.

There are some countries in Southeast Asia which take a very tough stance toward illegal drugs, but they don’t take much of a staunch stance toward alcohol. Alcohol has always been considered a big part of all Asian cultures, and it’s not unusual to see a national minimum legal drinking age of 18. It’s a normal part of Asian culture to have drinking at the age of 18, and even before that, under certain circumstances and for certain occasions. If you ever go to Malaysia, be sure to try some of the local brews that you can only get in Malaysia, compared to other Southeast countries.

There is no legal drinking age in Malaysia. There is a legal purchase age of 18. In areas that have an over 50% Muslim population, alcohol sales are restricted to certain areas. It is not allowed to sell alcohol to people who are Muslim or people who are under 18 years of age, but there aren’t any drinking age restrictions. In places with more than a 50% Muslim population, the sale of alcohol is restricted to certain areas. It’s against the law to sell alcohol to Muslim people, and to people who are under the age of 18, but there are no drinking age restrictions. A lot of Asians think Westerners look older than they are, so you might be able to purchase alcohol without showing your ID. It is actually illegal for the Muslim population to either drink or purchase alcohol. Public alcohol consumption isn’t tolerated, and people can get into legal hot water for drinking out in public. Some of the top brewers, on an international level, have operations there. Before the Europeans came over, there was no alcohol consumption or production at all, and there was a strict Islamic law adherence. Malaysia is actually the tenth hugest consumer of alcohol in the world. The beer consumption in the country is very high, and it’s very similar to other more Western countries.




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