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Drinking age in Malta

The drinking age in Malta is 17. You do have to show a photo ID when you’re drinking there. It’s unusual that a country would have a drinking age that’s under 18, but Malta does. That’s good news for the young tourists in Malta who want to drink there. There are a ton of great bars in Malta, and it’s a wonderful place to have your first drink.

Malta is a country in the southern part of Europe. It’s just to the north of Lybia. It’s also one of the tiniest countries in the whole world, and it’s one of the most densely populated too. The capital of the country is Valletta. There are a couple of official languages, and they are English and Maltese. If you’re there when you’re over 18, you’ll have fun at the various bars, where you can expect a lot of people to speak English.

The local beer there is called Cisk. It has a very reasonable price. It is very sweet, and it is a European lager that is definitely worth trying. There are a lot of other local beers, and most of them are made by the same company that makes Cisk. There is Lacto, Shandy, Hopleaf, and Blue Label Ale. There have been a lot of other beers that have been produced there to compete with Cisk.

Malta has a couple of grapes that are indigenous, and Maltese wine is generally imported. Maltese wines that come straight from the grapes in the country are actually pretty good though. There are wineries there which have won international medials. Also, there are a lot of amateurs there who make a lot of wine in their free time, and you can find a lot of this wine at local restaurants and shops.

The primary Maltese night life distrct is Pacebille, and it’s just north of St. Julian’s. There are young Maltese people that come from all over the island, and they do it to let their hair down, so it can get extremely busy there, especially on the weekends, and during midweek drinking sessions too. Almost all the clubs and bars have a free entry so you can from one venue to another venue until you find the thing that you like best. There is a lack of cover charges, cheap drinks, and a bustling atmosphere there.

Compared to the kind of stodgy, uptight drinking culture that there is in the United States, it’s a dream to drink in Malta. There are so few places in the world where you can feel that sense of freedom and affordability in your drinking experience. Malta happens to be one of the best places in the world to drink at. Furthermore, it’s a hot tourist destination, and you can meet a lot of beautiful, European women that come through there on their way to other countries. You can also meet a lot of beautiful girls at hostels too.




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