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Drinking age in Missouri

Each of the 50 states used to have their own drinking ages. However, that all changed with the passage of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act in 1983. That law forced all the states to bring up their minimum drinking ages to 21 or chance losing 10% of their highway construction funds. This was not a good bet for many states, and many of them chose to just not comply for awhile, but they all eventually did. Now, the national minimum drinking age is 21, and they all have to comply.

There are a number of different states that have exceptions to the national minimum drinking age. For example, there are exemptions for religious, educational, and medical purposes in many circumstances. Sometimes, people are forbidden from drinking under all different circumstances. However, that’s not the norm for most states. Most states have a few special exceptions to the national minimum drinking age. There are a number of people out there who are pretty mad that the national minimum drinking age is not 18, which is the age of majority.

There were a ton of people that weren’t very pleased with how the law was passed either. Numerous people were pretty mad that it seemed like the federal government coerced people into signing up and going along with it. However, there were a ton of people that were all too happy that it happened because it meant that the people who were most prone to drunk driving and getting into accidents, that is the young and immature people, would not be allowed to get behind the wheel drunk anymore. The law was passed, however poorly it was done, in response to the national outcry from all the drunk driving fatalities that were happening in the nation. There was an attitude in the country to get the national drinking age raised higher.

There was no known drinking age before Prohibition. However, it was raised to 21 after 1945. It has remained 21 in every year thereafter. Although some states allow drinking under certain circumstances, Missouri doesn’t allow any underage consumption of alcohol for any reason whatsoever. The only minors who are allowed to drink are those who are enrolled in a culinary course. All they can do is taste an alcoholic beverage, but they are not allowed to drink it. Plus, it has to be a part of the curriculum.

Missouri is one of the few states that doesn’t permit underage drinking under any circumstances. There are very few states in the union that don’t make any exceptions at all for underage drinking. Alabama, Florida, and Missouri are three of the states that don’t allow underage drinking for any purpose. It seems kind of draconian to have that much of a block on underage drinking, because there are legitimate, and real, reasons why underage persons would need to drink on certain occasions, and for special circumstances. Plus, some people consider it a part of culture to be able to imbibe wine at your meal, like they do in Europe.




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