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Drinking age in Monaco

Monaco is one of the most pristine countries in the world, and its national beverage is champagne. It’s only fitting. Just to get one glass of champagne can cost as much as $40 at an upscale restaurant.

The legal drinking age in Monaco is 18.

There are some great establishments to get a drink there, and one of them is Zelos. It has panoramic views from the floor at the top of the Grimaldi Forum, and it has a seating area outdoors that gives you the ideal spot to see the yachts that are cruising out onto the harbor. The top people and models are there, and you can dance with them, if you want to do so. The cocktail list is amazing, and there are bite-sized treats that are available as well.

The Bar at the Columbus Monaco is another great place to have a drink. It is more informal and laid back than some of the other counterparts there, and it has a subdued atmosphere that is kind of a refreshing change from many of the high energy bars in Monaco. It is completely decked out in different shades of chocolate, and it’s nearly as sweet as the martinis, which are out of chocolate, and they come with a huge truffle in each glass which will slowly melt into your drink and taste just sublime. There is a Formula One race car driver that is the co owner there, and you will probably run into a lot of race car competitors when you’re there.

Jimmy’z is another great night club there, and it’s the ultimate night club. It’s frequented by the uber-rich and royalty alike, and it’s not a surprise considering that they have some of the heftiest price tags there. A beer might cost you more than $20. If you can’t afford the price, there are definitely other clubs you can go to. There are a couple of entrances. There is one two floors down in the sporting club. There is another entrance at street level. There are a lot of billionaires and rock stars that have walked through both. The staff can be kind of rude, but a lot of the patrons are pretty rude too. It is definitely an experience to see, and not forget.

You won’t be able to find a nicer place than Monaco to experience some of the world’s best champagne, and you’ll see a lot of really amazing people there as well. You might not recognize them at first. However, it’s a virtual certainty that some famous people will come through some of their nightclubs at some point.

If you are traveling around the world, and especially through Europe, then Monaco is definitely one of the places you have to go to. You won’t find a better place to see some awesome night clubs, and you’ll get some of the best champagne in the world. Doesn’t that sound like the experience of a lifetime?




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