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Drinking age in Montreal


In Montreal, there’s a high tax for buying alcohol. It’s heavily taxed, and the imported kinds are taxed even more heavily than domestic kinds. If you’re looking to save some money while you’re there, then think about buying Canadian. There are a lot of regional breweries in the area, so it’s not hard to buy local Canadian beer. That’s great news for 18-year-olds in Canada who are newcomers and want to try to some amazing local beer from Canada. There are a lot of beers on draft there. There is also a Montreal Beer Festival, and it’s a wonderful event. There were over 100 breweries that presented their ales last time.

Wine is a different matter entirely. It’s not produced in big quantities in Canada because it has an inhospitable climate as far as grapes go. You could try bottles from the vineyards. There are some excellent ice ciders and ice wines too, and they’re made from apples and grapes after the first frost. There are some excellent ones that come from orchards and vineyards just an hour away from Montreal.

You have to be 18 years of age to enter bars and consume alcohol in Montreal. You have to bring an ID with you to prove that you’re over the age of 18. If you don’t have an ID, then there’s no proof of real age. Just because you can drink there at 18 years old, doesn’t mean that you can drink there without an ID. There’ll be no way for them to know that you’re 18 or not.

There are some mature clubs there which have their own drinking ages that are like 21 and up. These clubs just want a different audience and clientele. They definitely don’t want young, immature people drinking in there and causing problems for the other customers. They’re aware that there’s a large influx of tourists that come over the border and into Montreal, and that they do so just for the legal drinking age because it’s 21 and over in the United States. A lot of tourists just drive over the border.

Montreal’s nightlife is very accessible, and part of the fun of going there when you’re 18 is that you can drink a whole lot and enjoy every bit of it. There aren’t limitations on how much fun you can have in some of the best clubs in the city. The legal drinking age used to be 20 in Montreal until the legislation was changed in 1972. The rest of Canada, outside of Manitoba, Alberta, and Quebec, has the legal drinking age of 19.

There are a minority of clubs that make you prove you’re over 21 years of age to enter. In the majority of cases, though, you can go into any alcohol-serving establishment in the province as long as you’re over 18 years of age. There are a whole lot of interesting people you’ll meet in these clubs, and you’ll meet French-speaking girls and other interesting characters when you’re in Montreal drinking for the first time when you’re over the age of 18 years old.




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