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Drinking age in Morocco

All countries have their own drinking ages, and many of them don’t have high drinking ages at all. Some of them are around 25, and others are around 16. It’s kind of surreal to think about how different the national minimum legal drinking ages are in the various countries. There are a whole lot of countries that don’t even have a legal drinking age. They might have a legal public possession and purchase age, but they don’t have any kind of legal drinking age whatsoever. There are a number of countries which take a very liberal attitude toward drinking, and they don’t have any kind of proscription on drinking, as long as you’re 16 or up. Let’s take a look at one country, Morocco, which has a national minimum legal drinking age of 16. It’s kind of unusual to see, but it seems to work well for the people in Morocco. Even though it’s a very Muslim country, you will find that there is a lot of drinking there, contrary to popular opinion.

There is no legal drinking age in Morocco. The legal purchase age is 16. Morocco has one of the lowest legal purchase ages of any country. It is extremely rare to see 16 years old as a legal purchase age. Liquor is available throughout most all of Morocco, contrary to popular perceptions that it is not. A lot of Moroccans do a lot of drinking, but it’s mainly men, and they do so privately. The legal drinking age is 18, of course, as was mentioned, but that’s a very gray area, because most establishments will serve you whatever age you are, within reason though. Moroccan bars are called brasseries, and they’re usually dingy, smoky dens frequented by prostitutes and Moroccan men. Most high-end restaurants and nightclubs will also serve alcohol.

The business hours of these places vary from place to place, but most of the restaurants are closed at 11 PM, and the nearby brasseries are closed at midnight, and the hotel bars and nightclubs might stay open until 5 AM or so, especially in areas with lots of tourists. To locate a shop that sells alcohol, it’s a good idea to ask at the reception desk of the hotel you’re staying at, or find a national supermarket chain branch, like Marjane or Acima, and find one there. Drinking alcohol in a public place is looked down upon, and it’s a very ignorant practice if you do it near a mosque. Try to show a little respect when you’re drinking there. Don’t drink in the presence of Muslim men that may be sensitive to it. Don’t drink outside or near a mosque. Even though it’s a Muslim country, there is a lot of drinking there. There are a lot of clubs in the bigger cities though. There are local beer brands there, and they are called Flag, Stork, and Casablanca. Be sure to try them if you’re in the country. It’s cool to try the local beers from a nation.




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