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Drinking Age in Myanmar

Most of the people of Myanmar love a good drink. The legal drinking age is 18. A person must be at least 18 to purchase and possess alcohol while in the country. The people of the country are happy to enjoy a drink in the company of tourists. During the day as well as the early evening it is quite easy to find a “beer station” or restaurant to sit down at and enjoy a refreshing beer or a glass of rum.

It is important to note that the traditions of drinking in Myanmar are a bit different than in other parts of the world. Decades of poverty as well as frequent blackouts mean that a night life does not really exist outside of the larger cities of the country or in some of the luxury resorts and hotels. Generally, finding anything that is open outside of these areas after nine p.m. can be hard. Things are changing as the locals are starting to earn more wealth and more business people and tourists are arriving in the country.

Where to Drink

Open air restaurants that are simple in nature are referred to as beer stations. You can find these on the streets of villages, towns, and cities throughout Myanmar. The beer stations will typically serve one of the draught beers of the country that is quite decent. Beer is the heart of the drinking culture in the country. People meet at beer stations to eat, drink, and of course watch European football.

Women are welcome at these beer stations. However, most of the patrons are male and the local men and women do not commonly mix the way that they do in most western countries.

There is some more western style bars located in the larger cities as well as some of the beach resorts. These bars are sometimes open later at night. The largest choice of bars is in Yangon, but even this city is far behind cities such as Bangkok.

The most popular alcoholic drinks in Myanmar are beer, whisky, and rum. General, a locally brewed toddy will be available as well. Some of the higher end restaurants in the country will serve wine.

The selection of beer in Myanmar is quite good. The domestic beers are compared favorably to international beers. The domestic lagers have won European quality awards and offer a refreshing drink in what is normally a very hot climate. Domestic beers can be found in 330 and 640 ml cans, 750 ml bottles as well as on draught.

Some of the domestic beers that are available include:

• Spirulina Beer: this is a niche beer that has a dietary supplement
• Dagon Beer: quite new, but still widely available
• Mandalay Beer: comes in both a blue and a red label. The blue label is 5% and red is 7%.
• Myanmar Beer: this is the favourite among visitors to the country and by far the best seller. The green label is 5% alcohol and the double strong comes with a white label and is 7.7% alcohol.




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