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Drinking age in Nevada

Nevada is a state that’s known for its liberal attitude toward gambling and prostitution. However, does the liberal attitude extend to the drinking age? What exceptions does the state make to the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984? Well, it turns out that no states make exceptions to the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984. All states have set their minimum public possession and purchase age at 21. However, in some states, minors are permitted to have alcohol consumption under certain circumstances. For example, minors can drink for religious purposes in one state. They can drink for medical purposes in another state. Minors are able to drink for different reasons in different states. What does Nevada do about how it treats its minors’ underage alcohol consumption?

Nevada allows underage minors to drink on premises where they sell alcohol and premises where they don’t sell alcohol, as long as parental consent is given. That is not too unusual. Nevada is not unique in allowing underage alcohol consumption as long as a parent consents. It’s not a super-liberal state in that regard, and it just tows along with many of the other states that have the same rules regarding underage drinking. Furthermore, it allows drinking for religious and medical purposes.

Nevada had no known drinking age prior to Prohibition in 1919. It had a drinking age of 21 after Prohibition was repealed. It kept its drinking age of 21 even after the passage of the 26th Amendment, which was kind of odd.

Nevadans enjoy a lot of freedoms, and many of them are not allowed in other states in the Union. However, a lowered drinking age throughout its history is not one of them. They’ve had a pretty high drinking age all throughout their history, and it’s not really normal, considering that most of the states changed their drinking age with the passage of the 26th Amendment.

So, while you may think that you’re going to get a more liberal attitude when you go into Nevada as an underage tourist, think again. You can’t do many of the fun things in Nevada that you dream of doing unless you’re 21 or older. It doesn’t matter that the gambling, prostitution, and even possible marijuana possession in the future, if the ballot measure passes, are allowed, because they are only going to be allowed for people who are 21 years of age or older. That’s kind of tough for many young Nevadans to deal with, but it’s a fact of life for people in all 50 states. Now, Nevadans have it pretty good because they can actually drink if they have a parent’s consent, which is not what is available in many of the other states in the Union.

So, perhaps Nevada’s liberal attitude does extend somewhat to the underage minors of the state. Perhaps they do get a little allowance in drinking when they want to, as long as their parents consent to it.




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