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Drinking age in New Mexico

The National Minimum Drinking Age Act changed a whole lot for people. It really reshaped the American landscape as far as drinking. Public possession and purchase of alcohol was now only limited to people who were aged 21 and older. This rankled a lot of people, and there were several who were really up in arms against it. It was not fair, they thought, that only people who were 21 or more could drink, because the age of majority in the country was 18. That was the age when people could vote, and it was the age when people could go to war or smoke cigarettes.

It was an age that was made the age of majority, largely in response to protests against the Vietnam War. There was a lot of student upheaval at the time, and they wanted some representation, if they were being sent off to war. There were a ton of folks out there who were really mad about the new age of 21. They started to say that it was like Prohibition for those who were 20 and younger, and there are still detractors in every state against the law.

However, all the 50 states had the options to make some exceptions to the law. Only about nine states chose to ban all underage drinking, under all circumstances, but the National Minimum Drinking Age Act said nothing about drinking. It only had to do with the public purchase and possession of alcohol. Nowadays, there are exceptions in most of the states about underage drinking. Let’s take a look at the history of New Mexico, as far as their legal drinking ages. There was no known drinking age before Prohibition. There was a legal drinking age of 21 thereafter, in every stage, including after the passage of the 26th Amendment, and into the passage of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act.

There are some exceptions where underage minors can drink. Those exceptions include when a minor is under the supervision of a parent, and for religious purposes. Many states are kind of liberal on the issue, and they don’t want to issue too draconian a response to the underage drinking age question. It’s a little harsh to ban drinking when kids are at parties that their parents are hosting, and they want to have a sip of wine at dinner, or beer, or they need to drink for religious purposes. It just doesn’t seem right to ban drinking for underage minors under all circumstances, and it doesn’t seem right to them. There are only about nine states that do ban it under all circumstances though. New Mexico is not one of them. They’ve made the decision to be a little more liberal and lenient in their drinking age exceptions, although they’re not as liberal as many other states, who allow it for all sorts of purposes. New Mexico is a good example of a state who allows drinking for only certain circumstances, those circumstances that make sense really.




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