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Drinking age in New Zealand

The drinking age in New Zealand is 18, and it’s the same as it is in the United Kingdom. You can drink throughout the entire night in New Zealand, and it’s one of the best places to do it too because New Zealand is a magical place. Sitting in a New Zealand meadow at midnight and looking up at the stars, drunk, is a magical experience. If you’re lucky enough to go to New Zealand after high school, then consider drinking a lot there, but not just to get drunk. Drink to have a better time and enhance the beauty of being in one of the most magical places on earth.

There was a move in Parliament to change the drinking age to 20, and teens were rejoicing when it was kept at 18. Drinking is a popular hobby for teenagers in New Zealand, and they have a more mature, adult attitude about it, perhaps more so than some Americans.

It was interesting, because it was a close vote. There was a colorful debate about the alcohol purchase age, and 68 voted to keep it at 18, and 53 backed returning it to 20.

The kids in New Zealand were interviewed about the decision after it took place, and they were sort of philosophical on the subject. They said that they understood why Parliament was considering raising it though. They said that a lot of people were getting injured through alcohol. That’s part of the reason that the United States raised their drinking age to 21.

Kids in New Zealand seem to be really philosophical about the subject, and not just want to cram alcohol down their throats like some American kids might do. There’s a reputation that Americans have for being kind of immature, and it’s unfortunate that the drinking age has to be raised to 21, partly because Americans are immature, and partly because of the drunk driving fatalities. However, the idea that Americans are immature is kind of a stereotype too, and there are a lot of advocates in America that want to change the drinking age to match it like other countries like New Zealand.

Some of the kids in New Zealand have said that the laws were almost changed because of a few bad apples, that it would have made all the responsible drinkers out there suffer.

They also said that, even if the drinking age had been raised, they still would have found a way to drink. One of the kids interviewed said that she thought New Zealand might have had a binge-drinking problem. However, most of the young people in New Zealand are smart about their drinking, and they do a good job of keeping it under control and in line. There’s just a few bad apples that make it more difficult for all the rest to enjoy it though, especially with national moves by Parliament to try to make it 20 before someone can drink. That caused quite a sitar amongst New Zealand youth for awhile there.



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  1. Sarah says:

    Yeah as a traveler going over to NZ I noticed most if not all the young people I saw where really responsible with their drinking, either having a sober friend, or not getting that drunk. Though I would agree with what was said about NZ having a bit of a binge drinking culture, but that seems to be the adults, and I think it will change as the younger generations grow up. By the way you should totally try the TUI beer over there its great!


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