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Drinking age in Nicaragua

All countries have different national minimum legal drinking ages, but there are some countries that don’t have legal drinking ages at all. They may just have national legal minimum public possession and purchase ages. This distinction is important, because it happens in the United States too. There is a national minimum legal public possession and purchase age of 21, but the different states have several exceptions to the 21-year-old drinking age. For example, they might allow drinking if there is parental consent, or they might allow drinking if it’s for religious sacraments.

In many states, it’s legal to drink inside the home, in private, as long as the person is not in public, in many states. However, some states don’t allow drinking for anyone under 21 years of age, for any reason. There are nine states that disallow drinking entirely for people who are under 21 years of age. The different countries have laws that are very different too. There are some countries that have different ages for beer and wine, and different ages for hard liquor and spirits. This is sort of common, because it seems to make more sense, at least more sense than disallowing all types of drinking for all people of certain ages.

The legal drinking age in Nicaragua is 19. It’s not 18 like many other Latin American countries. A whole group of South American countries have the legal drinking age at 18. Anecdotal reports of people who live there say that people who are 15 years of age and older are often seen drinking with their parents, but not necessarily at the bar by themselves. There are often not many restrictions enforced at many of the all-inclusive reports. Some residents say that the drinking age is not really honored in Nicaragua. This is all according to anecdotal reports though. Some reports say that children who are as young as 13 are sometimes served alcohol without any pause. One person said that her daughter went to Nicaragua to a resort, and that she is always taken out in a limousine by a chauffeur, and she can have a few drinks with her friends in the bars. She’s only 14 though. Most people say that while the legal drinking age is 18, that it’s rarely enforced at all. Basically, the general rule is that the drinking age is 18 in most South American countries, and also, in most Latin American countries, that it’s rarely enforced. Often, whether someone checks or not, is based on how mature you look. Some of the residents say that the legal drinking age is 18, but many of the residents actually start drinking there at 14. Some people even go so far as to say that there is no legal drinking limit in most South American countries, and that anyone can drink at just about any age. Again, it also depends on the bar and where you are. There’s a big difference in some minor bars compared to some of the swankiest hotels.




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