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Drinking age in Nigeria

The legal drinking age and purchase age in Nigeria is 18. A person is free to drink or purchase alcohol when they are 18 there. It is kind of a culture shock when someone can drink there for the first time, and they haven’t been able to drink in their hoe country because the drinking age was much higher.

Some of the strongest drinks in the world come from Africa, and if you’re in Nigeria on a safari, or because your family is visiting, you should ask your parents’ permission to try some of them. You might not get a chance to ever try those kinds of alcoholic beverages ever again. If you’re not absolutely sure you can handle the alcohol, though, then you shouldn’t drink. You don’t ever want to get in a fight there, be accused of misbehavior, or fall into trouble on your own. You could get robbed, kidnapped, or beaten up. You could even end up in jail. You don’t want to be stuck in a Nigerian jail.

Nigeria is one of the few places where Guinness is brewed outside of the country of Ireland. They do it really well too. It’s not the exact same product though.

Beer is a huge business in Nigeria, and there is a move toward Islamic law and evangelism though, and it’s making a big difference. Lagos is pretty untouched though because of its cosmopolitan nature. You can get a lot of international beers there, and some of them include Gulder, Harp, Star, and Heineken.

Malt beverages that are non-alcoholic are pretty common in Nigeria too.

One other cheap drink to get there is gin, and it’s made locally. Some of the locals say it will make you blind, though, so be careful.

Be careful of traveling in the northern states, though, because they’ve implemented Sharia law, and alcohol is against the law there. Some of the only places where you can get a beer there are in the army barracks and police staff bars. The reason is that they are institutions under federal law.

For a great night out, go to the Sabongari part of the old town. There are a lot of bars there that will stay open until the late hours of the night. A lot of them have decent food as well. It’s a great place to buy alcoholic drinks, and there are a lot of stores that are open late into the night.

Be careful when traveling there because there are frequent kidnappings of foreigners in the northern and central states. It is unwise to travel there, and you should be sure about protecting yourself and your interests if you are considering going to Nigeria. It is generally unsafe in the central and northern states, and there plenty of safer places around the world to drink. If you’re not absolutely positive about your safety, you should never jeopardize yourself. Stay away from strange and rough bars and places. Don’t ever drink until you pass out because you could get robbed.




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