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Drinking age in North Dakota

The National Minimum Drinking Age Act was a huge thing for many people. It was sort of like Prohibition, but it only applied to people who were 20 years of age or younger. However, the law specifically stated that those who were under the age of 21 could not publicly possess or purchase alcohol. The different states set their own drinking ages based upon what they deemed was right. For example, some states allow underage drinking with a parent’s consent, or for religious purposes, or medical purposes.

The different states were sort of rankled by the way the law was passed too. The government said that the states had to voluntarily raise their drinking ages to 21, or risk losing 10% of their federal highway construction funds.

A lot of people were also sort of angry that the new age for public possession and purchase of alcohol was 21, which was much higher than the age of majority. The age of majority was changed to 18 with the passage of the 26th Amendment. That was the age when people could now vote in this country.

There was no known drinking age in North Dakota before the passage of Prohibition. However, that’s not unusual. Many states don’t have information on their different drinking ages prior to Prohibition passing. Many states didn’t even have drinking ages, and sometimes it was only certain bars, regions, or territories that allowed underage drinking. Sometimes, there weren’t laws at the state level addressing underage drinking, but there were different laws on local levels. The drinking age after the passage of Prohibition was 21. The drinking age after the passage of the 26th Amendment was 21. The drinking age after the passage of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act was 21. In other words, it was always 21 after the Passage of Prohibition. That’s not unusual, and many states have taken that path.

Let’s look at the allowances in North Carolina for underage drinking, and see where and how they allow underage consumption of alcohol. They allow it for religious purposes and when reporting medical need because of underage drinking for another minor.

North Dakota is not one of the harshest states when it comes to the underage consumption of alcohol, but it doesn’t really allow it for many purposes other than religious. That seems sort of tough to some people, but it’s not as bad as those states that don’t allow underage drinking for any purposes at all. There are a number of states that have completely forbidden the underage consumption of alcohol, and they’re actually the minority, however. Most states allow the underage consumption of alcohol for several reasons. It doesn’t seem fair or right to ban underage consumption of alcohol for all reasons, no matter what. There are always some extenuating circumstances where drinking is necessary or appropriate. However, the legislators in those states don’t seem to think so.




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