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Drinking age in Nova Scotia

The legal drinking age in Nova Scotia is 19. It is a little bit higher than Alberta, which is 18. Children and young people who are under 19 years old can drink in pubs and licensed restaurants until 9 PM so that they can have some kind of meal with other adults or their parents. There is absolutely no tolerance for drunk driving in Nova Scotia, though.

The legal drinking ages in Canada are the ages at which a person is given permission to purchase and drink alcoholic beverages. The legal drinking ages in Canada are set by the individual provinces and territories inside Canada. The legal drinking ages in the individual provinces and territories in Canada are different, but, in general, they are no higher than 18 or 19. It makes it a great place for people to travel to when they’re young and want to see a little bit of the world.

The legal drinking age in Nova Scotia is a modest 19, but presenting a false proof of age to buy alcohol is an offense, and the fine is pretty high at $225.21. Being intoxicated in public can get you a fine of $121.71. Alcohol in your vehicles is definitely allowed, provided that it is not opened and that it is out of reach of the driver in the car.

There are countries all around the world that treat alcohol differently than Nova Scotia. For example, some of the Islamic countries don’t allow drinking at all, for the Muslim and non-Muslim population, no matter what age the person is. There are all sorts of different cultural motifs and attitudes towards drinking in the different countries. There are a number of countries that have no drinking age.

When you’re traveling around the world, and you’re not sure where you want to travel, and you’re a young person, consider the drinking age and culture where you’re thinking of traveling to. You’re going to have a lot more fun if you’re able to drink where you’re going, compared to not being able to drink at all where you’re going. Just keep that in mind when you’re planning your trip.

A lot of the Canadian provinces and territories have very liberal attitudes towards drinking. You’re not going to get the harsh attitudes that you get in the U.S. toward drinking, and there are great clubs and fun bars to hang out at if you’re there as a young person. It’s a wonderful experience to be in such a liberating environment after you’ve been in such a tough spot before. If you’re not sure about how to go about the drinking in Canada once you’re there, because you’re not used to the ability you have, just go with the flow and try to enjoy it. You’ll find that it’s extremely fun and liberating to drink, when you’ve been told that you couldn’t do it until you were 21 in your home country. It’s great fun to be able to drink when you’re that young.




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