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Drinking age in Oklahoma

Each of the 50 states made their own rules regarding underage alcohol consumption. However, the new minimum public possession and purchase age was 21. It applied to all the 50 states across the whole country. It was the new law, and it applied nationally, and it was a part of the bill called, “The National Minimum Drinking Age Act”. Even though the 50 states could establish their own drinking age exceptions, the national public possession and purchase age stayed the same. It was 21 across all the 50 states. That was just the new permanent law.

A lot of people were pretty angry that the new public purchase and possession age was 21 when the age of majority was at 18, after the passage of the 26th Amendment. There were a lot of groups that were pretty irate about it. They were angry that there were a whole lot of people that could do most of the other adult things, but they couldn’t publicly purchase and possess alcohol. It was something that irked a lot of people.

The national public possession and purchase age was a big deal to a lot of people who thought that the age for legal public possession and purchase should be at around 18, which was the age of majority, instead of being 21, which seemed much too high for many people. After all, the age in Europe was 18. It was just that there were so many drunk driving fatalities in the United States that lawmakers wanted to do something to curb the number of fatalities. They wanted something done about the number of immature drivers who were on the road who were causing so many of those deaths. The lawmakers got their ways, despite protests in the 50 states, and some petitions as well.

There was no known drinking age in Oklahoma prior to the passage of Prohibition. After the passage of Prohibition, it was 3.2% alcoholic beer for men who were 21 years of age or older and 18 for women. It was lowered to 18 for men for both sexes with the passage of the 26th Amendment. It was the last state to lower the drinking age. It was raised to 21 in 1983, and it has stayed there ever since.

Oklahoma allows alcohol consumption on private, non alcohol-selling premises as long as parental consent is given. It also allows the underage consumption of alcohol on non alcohol-selling premises where parents have not given consent. The underage private consumption of alcohol isn’t against the law there. It’s one of the few states that is extremely and seriously liberal on that point. Oklahoma is one of the unusual states for its take on this law about underage drinking. There is no specific statute that relates to underage drinking. A person wouldn’t think that Oklahoma would be liberal on this point, but they really are. They’re one of the few states that doesn’t have any proscriptions on underage drinking, but sometimes a parent has got to be present, depending on the type of alcohol.




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