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Drinking Age in Pakistan

Being a Muslim country, alcohol is prohibited for all Muslims. However, if you are not Muslim, you must be 21 to be able to drink or buy it in Pakistan. The laws are pretty clear and strictly enforced, do not buy alcohol and give it to anyone, if they are Muslim, you will be in big trouble.

Alcohol in Pakistan

There is more to being able to buy alcohol than being 21 and non-Muslim though. You are going to need to get a permit. This will allow you to purchase up to 100 bottles of beer and 5 bottle of liquor each month, not including what you buy to consume in a restaurant.

The majority of drinking in Pakistan is beer. There is a brewery that produces Murree beer. It is available in restaurants for drinking with your meal. Wine is not part of the Pakistani drinking culture. Hard liquor is available, but is very expensive so usually only the higher class has it in their homes. It is quite common to have alcohol that you can afford in your home to offer to guests.

The only place to buy alcohol is at five-star hotels. You can buy it in the restaurants, the pubs or at the small shops inside them. While permits are required, they will usually sell to foreigners who do not have one. If, however, you will be staying in Pakistan for more than a month or two, it is a good idea to get a permit.

There are, of course, bootleggers who will get you what you want. Often these people will use their permits to buy it and then deliver it to you. The term does not apply to someone distilling liquor in his or her basement. That does happen too though. You would be well advised to not drink any home-made alcohol in Pakistan. It is usually made with methanol, which can cuse blindness or death.

Laws Regarding Alcohol in Pakistan

The big law for alcohol in Pakistan is for Muslims. It is forbidden to have, hold, buy, trade, drink or make. Since 97 percent of the population is Muslim, it is also illegal to be drunk in public; it is very offensive to their customs. With this in mind, make sure that anytime you do go out to a restaurant to have a party and do some drinking, you have a room at the hotel to retire to and do not try to go home. If someone even accuses you of drinking, you can be arrested. Jail time will be required, as will a hefty fine and most likely deportation. You will not be deported, however, until you have served your time and paid the fine.

Unless you are going to be in Pakistan for a very long time, it would be best if you just did not drink alcohol while there. You can always take a day trip into India for any special parties you care to have; it will be much better for you and your guests.






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