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Drinking age in Panama

All the different countries have their own drinking ages, and they are variable because that’s the best way to govern in the different countries, that have wildly different kinds of people. There are a whole lot of different countries that ban alcohol sales entirely. Those are mostly the Muslim countries, however. There are many European countries that have sensible drinking ages of 18 or so, and sometimes they even have ages as low as 16 for drinking beer and wine. The United States has a national legal minimum drinking age of 21 for all the states for public possession and purchase of alcohol in all the 50 states.

There are several countries that don’t even have a legal drinking age, and they instead just have a legal public possession and purchase age. There are a number of different countries out there that don’t have any laws regarding the different types of alcohol, but some countries make different distinctions between different kinds of alcohol like beer and wine and hard liquor and spirits. There are countries in the Middle East that have a very negative attitude toward alcohol, and they proscribe it for people who are 18 and older, even if they’re old enough, when they’re in certain places or on certain occasions. For instance, it’s not considered good to drink near a mosque or to drink during Ramadan. South American countries don’t have the same rules or proscriptions though. Many of them allow drinking for all sorts of reasons, even before the person is of the national minimum legal drinking age in the respective country. It’s considered a part of the culture to allow drinking for social bonding, and for a number of occasions. Plus, you get some of the world’s most exotic brews in the South American countries. You get some of the tastiest drinks too.

The drinking age is hardly enforced at all in Panama. You probably won’t ever get asked for your ID unless you go to a club and try to drink, and then you’ll only be questioned when you first come in the door. However, this isn’t standard and universal. It’s just based on anecdotal reports from people who have visited Panama. There’s a very convivial atmosphere and a party environment in Panama. It’s sort of like spring break in Mexico some times of the year. The actual legal drinking age in Panama is 18, but if you’re a tourist, they don’t often ask for ID. Most people who visit the country say that they are not too strict about it. Again, the legal drinking age is hardly ever enforced. Liquor, wine, and beer can be bought at any liquor store or supermarket, but you can only purchase it until 11 PM.

Panama was the site of the infamous Panama canal. Panama was also where John McCain was born. They have a drinking age of just 18, and that means you can enjoy some of the finest rum in the world when you’re a tourist down there with your family too.




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