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Drinking age in Paraguay

There is no legal drinking age in Paraguay, but you have to be 20 years old to buy alcohol. A lot of youth that are considering traveling there will really have their excitement killed when they realize that the legal drinking age is not 18, like the other South American countries. A lot of people who have visited there said that they rarely enforce the drinking ages down there. Much of the world doesn’t have the antiquated drinking laws like the U.S. Binge drinking is a big problem in Paraguay.

A lot of the countries in South America have very lax and lenient enforcement of their drinking laws. You are able to drink when you are under the legal age limit there, in many circumstances. If you’re not particularly sure about the kind of place you’re in, or the people you’re around, you shouldn’t start drinking though. Paraguay is a place where a lot of crime happens in certain places, and you want to be protected from anything bad that could happen to you. If you go there, and want to drink, make sure you are always with friends, never binge drink, and don’t get into any trouble or bar fights. You don’t want to end up in a jail in Paraguay. You could suffer abuse or neglect. However, that’s not the case for all jails in Paraguay.

The national beverage to drink in Paraguay is terere, and you can sometimes find it in alcoholic varieties. Beer is available widely, and there are a lot of liquors there too. The local beer there is either Pilsen or Brahma.

Hard liquor in Paraguay is like rum, and it’s known around there as cana. It’s developed out of sugar cane.

Pulp is a very popular drink in Paraguay too. You can purchase it at supermarkets, or you can buy it from various bars and restaurants. The original drink is called Pulp Naranja, and it’s made with real orange juice.

If you travel in Paraguay, be sure that you’re safe. It’s one of the poorest countries in all of South America. It’s very common to see beggars asking for money.

Paraguay has been through a lot of wars and hardship, and there are people there from all over the world too. It dealt with several wars, and centuries of colonization, and people from all over the world came to live there after the Second World War, falling in love with it. It’s an incredible country, and there are people from all of the big European countries who visited there and just stuck around because of the great hospitality after the second World War. It’s also a great place to get some excellent beer and wine, and you’ll enjoy everything about the whole experience. The pubs are great, and the people are great, and the alcohol is brewed there pretty frequently. If you’re not sure about what it’s like to experience the best of South America, then just head on down to Paraguay.




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