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Drinking age in Philippines

All the different countries out there have different drinking ages. If you look at a map of national minimum legal drinking ages around the world, you might see a lot of different ages. Don’t get freaked out by that, but get excited if you’re a young tourist, and you’re too young to drink in your home country. Different countries have different attitudes toward drinking, and, depending on where you are in the world, you’re going to find different drinking age laws. It’s not uncommon to see a whole lot of people drinking at bars and clubs, when they’re only 18, if you’re in European countries, for example. However, if you’re in the United States, you’re not going to see that at all.

It used to be the different states set their own drinking ages, but the National Minimum Legal Drinking Age Act changed all that forever. States had to stick to a 21-year-old legal drinking age limit from then on out, or they risked losing 10% of their federal highway funds. That shows just how serious some governments take the national minimum legal drinking age. Luckily, it’s 18 in the Philippines, and that means you can drink there if you’re an 18-year-old tourist. However, there are safety precautions to take into account, and you don’t want to to be in a strange foreign country, without any protection with you, if you’re drunk and passed out at a bar.

The kind of protection you need are sober friends that can take you home and make sure your stuff doesn’t get stolen either. Never go drinking alone in a foreign country, especially if you’re alone, plan on binge drinking, or are an inexperienced drinker. There are a whole lot of countries that don’t care at all about drinking ages, and they don’t even have drinking ages at all, but they just have legal public possession and purchase ages, which is more understandable.

The legal drinking age in the Philippines is 18. That is only the legal age, though. A lot of people can buy at the informal corner stores without showing any ID whatsoever. You might get asked for some identification at some of the more formal markets though. Some of the big supermarket chains might request ID when you purchase alcohol, but most of the store owners don’t even care as long as they make some kind of sale. Some people can go in and buy alcohol and cigarettes, and say it’s for their parents, and no questions are asked. One user report on an anecdotal stories site said that it is common to see 16-year-olds drinking there. One person said that they never ask for identification there. He said that most stores, clubs, and bars don’t even have a legal age limit for alcohol, but that some of the high-end clubs, restaurants, and bars in the bigger cities do frequently ask for identification and such. A lot of people don’t really care there because they would prefer to just make a sale.




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