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Drinking age in Playa del Carmen

The legal drinking age in Playa del Carmen is 18. The legal drinking age all over Mexico is 18. However, people who have visited the country have said that their young children and teenagers were handed drinks every time they walked into a restaurant at a resort. If you are going there with older teens, there is a chance they will get served. It is seriously less strict than it is in the United States. However, it sometimes depends on the resort you’re going to, because one person said that they went there with their children, and they tried to get drinking bracelets for their children, and the resort wouldn’t comply.

There are a ton of awesome bars in Playa del Carmen, and a lot of them can be found on the beach. It’s really awesome to be able to go out on the beach and have a drink. If you’re on a really small budget, though, you might want to check out some of the shops in the major tourist areas, and they will sell you cans and bottles for the beach. Prices at the bars are pretty consistent, and you might be able to find a $1 beer.

Liquor can be purchased from a large number of tourist stores, and they usually sell a large number of tequilas and Kahlua at a price which his usually the same. If you need a supply of liquor that is more diverse, there are places around that area that can accommodate you. One of the most prominent places is Covi Liquors. They offer a large number of liquors, and they do so at prices that are usually cheaper than what you would find at shops that cater to tourists.

The Fifth Avenue is chock full of restaurants and bars, but most of them close prior to midnight. There are a couple of main streets to find bars and clubs at, and they close after midnight.

One of the things that makes it so complicated in regards to drinking ages around the world, is that there are so many different drinking ages, and it all depends on what country you’re in. Plus, there are sometimes different drinking ages within a country, like one for beer and wine, and another for liquor and fine spirits. Sometimes, there are different ages for public purchase and possession than there are for personal drinking experiences. For example, parents might allow their kids to drink at earlier ages while they’re at home. Or, they might drink as a part of their meals or their culture.

Playa del Carmen is definitely the place to go if you turned 18 and want to party. If you’re not old enough yet, you might want to skip it and wait until you’re 18. Just tell your parents to hold off on the trip. You might also just consider going back when you’re over the age of 18. You don’t want to waste any time while you’re there though. Just get to drinking and remember all the experiences you have.




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