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Drinking age in Quebec


The drinking age in Quebec, along with Alberta and Montreal, is 18. In the rest of the Canadian provinces, it’s 19. One wonders if it’s the French influence and sense of independence in those countries that makes them change their drinking age to 18, as compared to the rest of the territories. Quebec has some great breweries, and you can get some tasty local beer at one of the regional breweries. It’s especially tasty in a warm pub with a fire after a day of hiking, trekking, and spending time out in the snow. You can purchase wine and beer at many grocery stores and corner stores, but if you want a bigger selection of wine and strong liquors, then you need to go to a government store. Wine and beer are sold in stores until 11 PM, and bars have to stop selling alcohol right at the cut-off point of 3 AM.

Quebec is known for its independence, and French influence, and drinking at 18 years of age, and even younger, is a practice in France, and it’s considered quite normal to have alcohol, and especially wine, at every meal. The legal drinking age in Quebec reflects this. The old adage of “When in Rome, do as the Romans” really applies here. If you’re a group of teenagers from the U.S. that are just taking a vacation there, and want to really enjoy yourself, then consider just letting your hair down and having a great time there, and you won’t be breaking any laws by drinking it up. Just make sure to take all the normal precautions you would normally take when drinking when you’re over there, and don’t let any of the legal alcohol go to your head. While it is legal, you should still be safe if you’re a young person and you’re drinking heavily, maybe for the first time. Always have a person that’s appointed to stay sober. Try to drink within normal limits too.

Have enough money to take a cab back to your hotel, or choose a hotel that’s within walking distance of a bar. Consider it a time to really enjoy what it feels like to relax in a place where there aren’t as harsh of restrictions on young people drinking. You’ll be in a beautiful place, Canada, and Quebec, and the freeing feeling of it all will probably make you feel wonderful.

However, it’s not smart to get someone drunk and then try to drive back over the border with them. When you enter back into the United States, they will be considered a minor and will be in an illegal position. You want to ensure your friends don’t get into trouble, and that you can cross back into the United States without running afoul of any local laws.

Bars and nightclubs in Quebec are plentiful, and it’s because it’s such a great tourist destination. If you go there during the summer, expect for a lot of young women to be at the nightclubs.




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