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Drinking age in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a country located on an island in the Caribbean. It is a British Commonwealth country. The island sits between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, just north of Tobago and Trinidad. The legal drinking age in Saint Lucia is 18. Laws regarding alcoholic beverages in the country are not very strict and while you must be 18 to purchase alcohol legally, there are not severe penalties in place for underage drinking.

Best Drinks in Saint Lucia

There are several great alcoholic beverages to consider when visiting Saint Lucia. The Rum Punch is fantastic and comes highly recommended. As expected with most islands in the Caribbean, rum is the liquor of choice. You will find Crystal Lime rum this is a rum that is clear in color and infused with lime and Chairman’s Reserve which is a dark rum that is cask aged available at most bars, even the smaller resorts located on the island. Rum is often used in punches and other cocktails. Ask the bartender for their special drink and you likely will not be disappointed.

In addition to rum, consider trying Piton Lager, which is a beer that is brewed on the island. This beer is quite good, but has a higher alcoholic content than most beers that are found in the United States. Piton Lager is often sold in an eight ounce bottle and costs about one U.S. dollar. Wine, champagne, Heineken, coke, and water are also found in coolers at restaurants and bars.

Night Life in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia offers a great tropical setting with plenty to keep you busy during the day. However, your fun does not have to stop when the sun goes down. There are many great places to hang out during the evening hours on the island from crowded bars to romantic night clubs, there is something for everyone.

When considering the nightlife in Saint Lucia there are several hotels and resorts to consider for your stay. Sandals Resort is located just a mile and a half north and west of Rodney Bay and offers six bars and live entertainment for their guests.

Smugglers Cove Resort is all inclusive and has five bars on site as well as live entertainment. Another option is the Bay Gardens resort that is located in Rodney Bay. There are six bars located near the resort as well as live entertainment.

There are many other great places to stay on the island that offer a short walk to a great nightlife. Many of the local bars offer the chance to sip cocktails on the beach and watch the sunset. Local music is available throughout the island as well.

When traveling to the Caribbean you can expect an atmosphere that is extremely relaxed. The islands are known for their hospitality and alcohol flows fairly freely throughout the island. One thing to note is that beverages are not typically very cheap, so be prepared with a budget when you are visiting Saint Lucia.




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