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Drinking Age in Saudi Arabia

There is no minimum legal drinking age in Saudi Arabia because there is not drinking in Saudi Arabia, legally anyway. You cannot bring it into the country, buy it anywhere or drink it if you happen to come by it in some illegal manner without risking sever consequences.

The Truth about Alcohol in Saudi Arabia

Just because the government says that it is illegal due to religious reasons does not mean that there is no drinking done in this Muslim country, it just means that you had better not get caught. In some Muslim countries, the prohibition is only enforced on those who follow the religion, others are able to drink as they wish, as long as you are not disturbing the public.

The baggage of diplomats is seldom checked at customs, this means that there is usually alcohol being served at the different embassies and at diplomatic functions. While not exempt from customs checks the way diplomats are, foreign military units usually somehow have managed to get some alcohol into the country.

The vast majority of alcohol available in Saudi Arabia has been home-made. You can buy yeast and sugar at almost any supermarket to ferment some fruit or start a beer. If you want to make your own drinks, it is best to have the equipment shipped from your home country and in separate packages so no one will guess what you are doing.

Secret Bars and Alcohol

Any establishment that is going to be serving any type of alcohol has to do so secretly. The drinks served in these establishments have been brewed right on the premises with no guarantee of their strength or safety. There are a lot of deaths attributed to alcohol poisoning, the products can often have a strength of 90 percent.

If you are going to go to any of these forbidden bars, be sure to drink slowly and wait to see what each new glass brings before just gulping it down. One popular beverage in these places is called Siddiqi, or Sid for short. It is a distilled spirit and quite strong. Be sure you are going to be staying inside and out of the public eye if you decide to drink it.

The strict laws and sever punishments for anything to do with alcohol in Saudi Arabia should be enough to have you abstaining while there. If you are there for a short trip, this should not be a problem. When you are going to be there for an extending time, it is still best to stay away from alcohol completely. Getting caught will cost you your freedom for a period of time, which could be longer than you had intended on being in the country in the first place. There may also be extremely high fines to be paid and you will most likely be deported and banned from ever returning. Considering the beverages are not that good to begin with, it is really not worth all the trouble to do any drinking of alcohol in Saudi Arabia.




  1. Ahmed el mohamed tariq sayed says:

    I drink alcohol everynight with the king he doesnt care.

  2. Micky says:

    The policy on drinking in Saudi Arabia is too bizar for words as you can see in the following article: 99 whip lashes and 20 months in jail for having a small party with alcohol.

  3. mansoour says:

    it’s not that big deal when get caught in Saudi u just gonna stay a night in jail then will let go. the problem is if they caught u dealing some or hving bulk.


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