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Drinking age in Singapore

Some people view Southeast Asian countries as very harsh places when it comes to alcohol and drugs, but it’s really just drugs that they treat very harshly. There are very few places in the whole world that have such harsh laws as Singapore when it comes to drugs, but it doesn’t apply to alcohol. The legal minimum drinking age in Singapore is 18, and if you’re traveling there as a tourist, or you live there as a family member of a businessman who works there, then it’s a great place to be drinking when you’re 18. Just make sure that you don’t do anything stupid, and get into trouble. The penalties for mishaps in Singapore can be severe, and they might include caning. Caning is a cruel corporal punishment, and it can hurt a whole lot. People who have experienced it have called it worse than unbearable or excruciating. That is one of the reasons that you don’t want to get into trouble in Singapore. That means you should always have a sober drinking partner, never go out alone binge drinking, and stay away from bars and clubs where there might be a high probability of there being fights or crimes happening. Singapore is a pretty tough country to have mishaps in, and that’s why it’s not one of the best countries in the world to go bar-hopping as a tourist in. You’d be better off trekking around Europe, than making a stop in Singapore, if you’re 18 and want to experience some of the fun of drinking when you’re of the legal age.

The legal drinking age in Singapore is 18. Travelers are able to get duty-free alcohol, including wine, beer, and spirits, if they meet some of the following conditions, like that they are 18 years of age, they have spent 48 hours outside of Singapore just prior to their arrival there, you haven’t come from Malaysia, the liquors are just for you, and the liquors aren’t prohibited under the Customs Act, and, specifically, section 38. There are, however, very strict drug laws here. It is not wise to take drugs here, or to bring them into the country. Alcohol is available very widely, but it’s extremely expensive because Singapore has a lot of sin taxes. However, at Changi Airport, it’s tax-free, and you can get some of the greatest prices in the world. If you come in from countries other than Malaysia, you can bring about a litter of liquor with you, and up to a couple litters of wine and beer. You can also find a lot of Australian wine labels under $20 at most major supermarkets. Alcohol is not allowed for Muslims, and most Muslims avoid it. However, if you’re a tourist or a traveler there, then the law doesn’t apply to you. You won’t the kind of binge drinking culture that you see in America there. Public drunkenness is not looked upon nicely in Singapore. Don’t let fights happen, because you can face imprisonment, and possibly caning.




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