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Drinking age in Slovenia

There isn’t a law regarding the consumption and possession of alcohol, but it is against the law to sell or give alcohol to minors at all. Furthermore, it is against the law to sell alcoholic beverages in stores from 9 PM at night to 7 AM in the morning. It is 10 AM for bars and restaurants. The law also proscribes serving alcoholic beverages to people who are obviously intoxicated, as well as an hour before or after big sporting events. There have been lots of riots and problems in the country regarding that.

The most popular drink in Slovenia is beer. The big two Slovene brands are Union and Lasko. The common beer volumes sold at pubs go from big to small. The Union Radler Grapefruit is also a great drink.

Wines are sometimes ordered by the deciliter. The western area of Slovenia makes reds and whites, in the French and Italian style, and the eastern region makes semi-dry all the way to sweet whites, and they cater more to the Austrian/German kind of palate. Local wines include Cvicek, Teran, and Riesling.

There is a brandy that comes from the Hungarian palinka that’s called zganje, and it’s distilled from a number of fruits, which is quite common. There are other popular drinks like a honey-sweetened brandy, and a Russian vodka too.

Slovenia is a country in the European Union, and it is in the central part of Europe in the eastern mountains and Alps. It’s bordered by Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia. It has a small size, but it controls a lot of Europe’s biggest transit.

If you’re traveling through Slovenia, be sure to check out the amazing scenery when you’re there. You don’t want to miss out on all of that. You have to be sure that you’re safe when you’re traveling through some of the more difficult parts of it though. You need to go with friends, and you shouldn’t misbehave at bars or get into problems. You should never binge drink either. You have to go there and drink when you’re of a sound mind. You need to make sure that you’re able to drink in a safe way when you’re there. If you’re not absolutely sure about the safety of yourself while you’re there, then you shouldn’t be drinking there at all.

Slovenia is not as bad of a place to drink in as some of the other countries in Europe though. Some countries, and especially some regions of some countries, are especially unsafe to drink in. You don’t want to be in a place where you could get robbed or run into trouble, and it’s better to be in a nice, safe place when you’re drinking in Europe. There’s no reason why you should endanger yourself when there are so many other great places to drink in Europe.

There are a number of sweet pubs in Slovenia, and you don’t want to go to any of the low-class ones. Check out some of the better nightclubs and upscale clubs in cosmopolitan areas.




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