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Drinking age in South Africa

The drinking age in South Africa is 18, but the government of South Africa is considering raising the drinking age to 21 because they are having a lot of problems with underage drinking. The proposal was deliberated at a summit for eliminating alcohol and drug abuse in society, and the social development minister spoke to the news media about the conference.

Almost all of the restaurants in South Africa are licensed to sell and serve liquor. If you are offered some Mampoer or Witblits, they are actually distilled under the control of the Department of Agriculture, and they are given a manufacturers’ license to produce the alcohol. It is safe to drink, and it is enjoyable to consume, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the names of moonshine or firewater either. The alcohol content is done by the Department, and the quality is too.

SABMiller dominates the local beer production there. Castle Milk Stout, Black Label, Hansa, and Castle are the most popular brands there. There are a number of micro breweries throughout South Africa as well. Imported beers like Grolsch and Stella Artois are also widely available as well. Prices change depending on the establishment.

South Africa has a great wine industry there, and a lot of the wine is made in the Cape Winelands in the Western Cape, and in the Northern Cape, along the Orange River. Wine is abundant throughout the country, and it is very cheap.

There are several liquors there too. There is Amarula Cream, which is made from the marl fruit. The marl fruit is a favorite food for monkeys, baboons, and elephants. Pour some of this liquor over crushed ice and just enjoy it. The texture, color, and taste are similar to Bailey’s Irish Cream. One of the favorite drinks around Cape Town is Cape Velvet.

One of the most awesome places to drink in the world is South Africa. There are some of the delicious and finest drinks that you can’t find anywhere else, on any other continent besides Africa.

It can be kind of complicated to navigate the waters of the legal minimum drinking age limit around the world because the age is different all around the world. There is no one single age that is mandated by the U.N., for instance. There was not ever any kind of national prohibition. There are a lot of countries that have banned alcohol entirely. There are some countries that have no drinking age.

You can get drinks that have strange combinations of herbs, plants, roots, tubers, and other berries that you can’t get anywhere else besides the European continent. There are a number of countries that have that kind of superb national quality, a signature quality, to their drinks, and South Africa is one of them. Not all countries have alcoholic beverages that are as exotic and sweet as the ones in Africa. When you’re there, you’d be missing out if you didn’t try the alcoholic drinks.



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    it doesnt matter if they change the drinking age, most bottle stores will sell alcohol to anyone who looks older than 15


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